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Cooking With A Twist: Bringing To You Recipes From Our Brilliant Chef, Chef Aakshar Since it's almost Madaraka Day, Chef Aakshar has an amazing Kenyan recipe for all the viewers; Roasted Whole Snapper With Ugali! Ugali is a Kenyan staple food

How To Build & Keep A Healthy Relationship? It is no secret that every relationship comes with its own set of ups and downs & requires a lot of patience, commitment, sacrifices & not just 'love' alone to work. Whether it's

How To Avoid Mealtime Struggle With Your Child! Mealtime struggle is a real and major issue for many parents. But this dinnertime battle can actually be avoided! Encouraging your child towards healthy eating habits is a task that requires a lot

Tamarind Tree Suites Enaki Town- Fully Furnished and Fully Managed First Class Apartments by The Tamarind Group. Despite the current pandemic now more than ever is the time to invest in the right markets that give a good return of

6 'For Her' Trends To Look Out For This 2020 2020 is here ladies and this year it's all about being trendy from top tanks to trench coats. Here's what made it to our top 6 list of 2020 trends for

The Final Run: A Conservationist's Nightmare - Written by Raabia Hawa Browsing peacefully in the Maasai steppe in Kenya under the light of the moon, this giraffe was suddenly ambushed by two men on a motorbike. Scared, she ran as they chased

We Are Opened For Takeaways & Deliveries Between Tuesday's To Sunday's! This Madaraka Day, treat yourself to Kenya's Finest Chinese Restaurant all our meats are Halal.

Making Cooking Easy: The Best Of Chef Raphael Homemade Mukimo is a Kenyan favourite which is basically mashed potatoes with maize/corn with boiled and blended pumpkin leaves that add the green colour and flavour. It's the perfect accompaniment for Nyama Choma

3 YOGA POSES TO CALM THE MIND (For Anxiety Relief) -By Pooja Doshi 1. Supported Shoulderstand: Salamba Sarvangasana Lay on the floor with a folded blanket to prevent your neck from any strain. Make sure your arms are on the floor beside

Declutter The Mind, Clear The Thoughts & Be Productive - By Shahwana Khanam How many of us have tried to clear the nagging thoughts and feeling which keep disturbing us during the day? Especially, when you really want to be still

Mokoro Riding in the Okavango Delta - Written by Aditya Shah The Okavango Delta forms seasonally as the mighty Okavango River flows into the flat, parched and barren landscape of the Kalahari desert basin. Approximately 11 cubic kilometres of water flow

Emotional Healing Through Self-Compassion - By Alia Datoo “Your emotions make you human. Even the unpleasant ones have a purpose. Don't lock them away. If you ignore them, they just get louder and angrier.” ― Sabaa Tahir.

RAMADAN 4 Week Special!! Learn how to eat right, get physically active & stay motivated! Facial Bars.

5 Tips To Decorate Your Home For Eid! Eid-ul-Fitr is a religious celebration that marks the end of Ramadan. It is celebrated by Muslims worldwide which typically begins with the special prayer 'Eid Namaz' after which Muslims hug each other wishing

Master Basic Contouring Techniques With Suzie Wokabi Of SuzieBeauty This week Suzie Wokabi of SuzieBeauty will take you through simple contouring techniques so that you can master contouring and look fabulous! Remember ladies, lockdown is not an excuse to not take

What Should Women Wear For Their Zoom Meetings 2020 has been crazy so far, with the current lockdown there has been a drastic shift in the way people work, from office to home. This shift has been a massive change in

Cooking With A Twist: Bringing To You Recipes From Our Brilliant Chef, Chef Aakshar As we bid farewell to the Holy Month of Ramadan & are about to celebrate Eid, Chef Aakshar has an Eid special recipe; Spicy Mutton Fry for

Learn To Manage Your Anger - Written By Shahela Sheikh Let's take a deep dive into what causes anger? Every human has a belief system which most of the time makes up what is right and what is wrong. The triggers

OVERCOMING LONELINESS ON THE SPIRITUAL PATH - By Khilan Shah Who can we share our tribulations and trials with as we continually seek personal transformation and spiritual progress in the midst of the materially driven day-to-day world? Who can we turn

Change Is Good.. - By Shahwana Khanam As we go through the changes that have taken place in the past three months, how have we adapted to them? For many of us, we just went ahead and made the necessary requirements that

Making Cooking Easy: The Best Of Chef Raphael All those who celebrate Eid know that Eid is incomplete without biryani! Chef Raphael has shared with us his Chicken Biryani recipe along with his tips. Try out our Chef Raphael's Eid Special Biryani

“Riding the wave” is a psychological practice of surfing your own powerful and negative emotions. This week I’d like to share with you a very interesting excerpt from a book I recently completed. Every day we are confronted with negative emotions that

THE LOG MESS MUDSTER OF THE NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK After more than 6 months of rains, the park is looking very verdant with plants growing in abundance and flowers everywhere, however, the road network has been seriously affected in many places.

About Awaken The Giant Within- Are you in charge of your life? Or are you being swept away by things that are seemingly out of your control? In AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN, Anthony Robbins, the bestselling author of UNLIMITED POWER,

The Bob Marley biography provides a testament to the unparalleled influence of his artistry upon global culture. Since his passing on May 11, 1981, Bob Marley’s legend looms larger than ever, as evidenced by an ever-lengthening list of accomplishments attributable

We Are Opened For Takeaways & Deliveries Between Tuesday's To Sunday's! This Ramadan treat yourself this Ramadan to Kenya's Finest Chinese Restaurant all our meats are Halal.

Jaguar I-PACE- Our first all-electric performance SUV. 0-100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds, with a range of up to 480km and 0-80 per cent battery charge in just 45-minutes using DC rapid charging (100kW), I-PACE is the electric vehicle drivers

Planning For Your Family's Future Is No Longer Just An Option, But Now A Necessity. As a parent or a spouse, you want to be able to plan for the following: Planning An Education Fund, Asset Planning, Business Expansion Planning,

H&S Magazine Recommended Fragrance Of The Week- For Men- YSL LA NUIT DE L'HOMME EAU ÉLECTRIQUE EAU DE TOILETTE EDP 100ml- 11,300Kshs, For Women- YSL BLACK OPIUM EAU DE PARFUM - EDP 90ml- 14,300Kshs

How To Get The Perfect Smokey Eyes In Minutes With Suzie Wokabi Of SuzieBeauty Ladies, this week Suzie Wokabi of SuzieBeauty is going to teach you how to achieve the perfect smokey eyes in just a few minutes. Watch her video

Home Office Designs: Working From Home In Style! Working from your home can be inspirational, provided it is aesthetically pleasing. Remember your flow of creativity should be inspired in your home office allowing you to enjoy & focus on getting the

Making Cooking Easy: The Best Of Chef Raphael Coconut Njahi Curry, a Kenyan dish is what Chef Raphael is going to help you make this Ramadan. This recipe is definitely perfect to try out this Ramadan.

Pauline's Message: 'Let's All Embrace True & Genuine Friendship' I grew up with an introvert mother whom I never saw attending parties, having parties at home or even having a lot of women friends coming over to see her. My mother

Psychological Empowerment During This Quarantine Season- Written By Shahela Sheikh As many of us are hitting the rock bottom, we feel totally useless just being at home, with the same old house chores. Personally, writing these articles keep me going! As

Single Parenting During COVID-19 Lockdown The lockdown has surely taken its toll on most families in general, however, it has been even tougher on the single parents. Kids who used to be at school are now all of a sudden stuck

Cooking With A Twist: Bringing To You Recipes From Our Brilliant Chef, Chef Aakshar This week Chef Aakshar has a seafood treat for all the seafood lovers. The Salmon Roulade is a delicious recipe and a must-try this Ramadan. This nutritious

ENTER THE TNR PHOTOPAWS CONTEST- Now we have time on our hands, dust off those old images or get that fab photo of your 4-legged (or 2-legged) friends and enter our TNR PhotoPaws Contest. All pets are eligible: old, young,

Robin Sharma- The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari- "My Favourite Book" Jon Bon Jovi: With more than four million copies sold in fifty-one languages, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari launched a bestselling series and continues to help people from

6 Signs: The Certainty You're Being Used In A Relationship! A successful relationship is all about "give & take"! An unhealthy relationship, on the other hand, is when one partner tends to use the other. At times this may be unintentional

The Power Within - The Power Of Thought There is a power within us which we are unable to control, and if we do learn how to control it, we can manifest almost anything in life.

Clean Bandit- Album: What Is Love? (Deluxe) Trained as classical musicians, British trio Clean Bandit aren’t afraid to experiment. Their 2014 debut, New Eyes, introduced a flair for genre-bending as they punctuated Mozart with surprising electronic beats and fused guest

This 15.6-inch laptop gives you exactly what you need for a gaming experience that balances performance and portability. Its breathtakingly sleek design and latest-generation specs guarantee you serious power. Thermally optimized to run cooler and quieter with a full-sized white-backlit

3 Restorative Yoga Postures To Try Out This Mother's Day By Pooja Doshi Reclining Bound Angle Pose - Supta Baddha Konasana Come to lying on your back, making sure you have a rolled blanket supporting your head and neck. Rotate your inner

Cooking With A Twist: Bringing To You Recipes From Our Brilliant Chef, Chef Aakshar This Mother's Day, you can try Chef Aakshar's Mum's favourite recipe Malai Tikka. It's creamy, full of flavours and is a perfect dish to try this Mother's

Making Cooking Easy: The Best Of Chef Raphael Roast Chicken With Lemon & Fresh Herbs by Chef Raphael is an amazing recipe for Mother's Day. It is Chef Raphael's mom's favourite and therefore had to be on our Mother's Day Special

Eat To Live, Live To Eat, With Chef Khan Buffalo Chicken Wings by Chef Khan is a perfect recipe to try this Mother's Day. It's also a special recipe to our very Chef Khan as it's his mommy's favourite! If you

Mother's Day Special Makeup Routine With Suzie Wokabi Of SuzieBeauty It's Mother's Day this Sunday & Suzie Wokabi of SuzieBeauty and H&S Magazine are so excited to bring to you another video. This video is dedicated by Suzie to her lovely

What Is Postpartum Depression? - Written By Shahela Sheikh The phenomenon is many times overlooked as a mother adjusting to a newborn, however many do not understand what postpartum depression is? Are you a mother to a newborn who feels sad about

6 Ways To Keep Your Flowers Fresh For Long! Who doesn't love fresh flowers? Fresh flowers add freshness to the home & scream elegance! They don't only make your home look & smell pretty but they also help reduce stress levels

With Xbox Ultimate Game Pass, your Microsoft console experience will reach new levels. Thanks to Xbox game pass ultimate gaming is within reach. New titles on day one, over a hundred games available within seconds, benefits of being an Xbox Live

Eventique Ltd Brings To You, For The First Time In Kenya "Miss & Mrs India Worldwide Kenya 2020"- An Exhilarating Event!- The much-awaited fashion event of the year- If you would like to showcase your brand, products or services to the

Alia's Message: 'Embracing your Shadow simply means accepting these unconscious desires as part of us and integrating them into our lives.' Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. - Carl Jung

4 Steps To Forgiveness Inspired by the Teachings of my Spiritual Teacher Grand Master Choa Kok Sui The Founder of Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga - By Shahwana Khanam

Marriage Diaries - Things We Should Consider Before Getting Married I wanted to share a real-life situation but then decided to go with my understanding of the topic from what I've observed around me. What we look for in a marriage (be

Debuting the first fragrance developed wholly under Alessandro Michele’s creative vision: A scent designed to celebrate the authenticity, vitality and diversity of women—flourishing in a natural, expressive and individual way.

Celebration is a befitting retrospective for the shapeshifting international icon: a double-length, 36-song greatest-hits collection. Every era, every reinvention, every musical nuance is captured here, from the '80s gleam of "Burning Up" and "Like a Virgin" to the ghetto-fab swagger

H&S Magazine's Digital Challenge Of The Month: The 80's Look Challenge With SuzieBeauty Who's up for a fun 80's challenge? All you have to do is create your own 80's inspired look, then fill out the form below. For Videos,

Deepali Malde Photography- 20% Off On Selected Photography Packages (Product, Food) It's a crazy time right now but now's the time to unleash your inner baker, chef or your artistic skills! It's also the time to advertise your Products, Food

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KOROGA KIKAPU your pre-prepped Koroga Kit, making the art of Koroga easy and stress-free. We will provide you with all the ingredients, freshly sourced and chopped in the right proportions, along with our family recipe and a special mix of