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16 May, 2024
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Firas Chouchane: Elevating Ramadan Spirit with Soulful Melodies- H&S Magazine Kenya

Firas Chouchane: Elevating Ramadan Spirit with Soulful Melodies

Firas Chouchane: Singer/Songwriter

Album: Various Singles

Firas Chouchane, co-writer of Rahmatun Lil’alameen, is a singer/songwriter and a project manager at QPG LIMITED. With a background in business and management, Firas has a history of successful participation in developing and implementing effective strategies to drive sales and operational development. He is motivated and driven with a great passion for customer care, exceeding performance expectations by employing best business practices for continuous improvement.

Firas’s experience in the pharmaceutical and aerospace industries has honed his skills in marketing and supply chain management, allowing him to excel in various roles. He is adept at establishing positive relationships between clients and suppliers and effectively negotiating pricing, production, capacity, and lead times.

Beyond his professional career, Firas is passionate about music. As an artist, he crafts compelling stories through his songs, aiming to engage audiences and resonate with the masses. He uses data analytics to identify customer needs and interests, creating strategic content to enhance brand awareness and drive sales through the power of digital marketing and SEO.


Firas – Jannah (Vocals Only)


Featured Tracks

H&S Magazine’s Top 7 Tracks From This Artist

No. 1. Muad X Firas – Tala’al Badru (Vocals Only)


No. 2. Firas – Seal Of The Prophets (Vocals Only)


No. 3. Firas X Muad – Birds Of Paradise (Vocals Only)


No. 4. Firas – Nadaytuka (Vocals Only)


No. 5. Firas – Knocked Your Door (Vocals Only)


No. 6. Muad X Firas – Ya Ramadan (Vocals Only)


No. 7. Muad X Firas – Jibreel (Vocals Only)


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