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Welcome to the 329th issue of H&S Magazine Kenya! This month, we’re excited to bring you an array of captivating articles. Discover delectable culinary delights with Chef Geena Wanjiru Gichuhi’s Cider Mustard Braised Lamb Chops in our Bon Appetit section. Dive into the artistic world with J.K. Florist’s Handcrafted Bridal Bouquets and meet JP Cooper, our Best Artist of the Week. Explore technological insights on Kaspersky Small Office Security and online payment solutions. In Business, learn about the importance of keeping up with the latest skills and technologies. Enjoy pet wellness with Yoga With Pets, and find harmony in multigenerational households with our Parenting tips. Travel with us to the historic beauty of Bukhara, Uzbekistan. There’s much more to explore in this issue!

Happy reading!

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Recap Happy Mother's Day 2020

H&S Magazine & the entire team wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day 2020.

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H&S Play & Win

There Is No Fun Without Winning


Behind our world, there is another -- a world of dangerous and powerful monsters that rule their domain with deadly ferocity. When Lt. Artemis and her loyal soldiers are transported from our world to the

H&S Positive Thoughts & Reflections

All It Takes Is Positivity, Love & Light To Heal The World


Part 2: Techniques For Using Energy Healing To Improve Sleep Reiki for Sleep: What is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that involves the transfer of universal life force energy through the practitioner’s hands to

H&S Social Responsibility

Giving Others A Better Life


Join The World’s First App Against Global Hunger ShareTheMeal is an initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) - the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger. Each year, WFP reaches more than 86 million


In the wake of the heart-wrenching events unfolding in Gaza, it's a time for us to come together, transcending borders and backgrounds. The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) reminds us of the immense value of helping

H&S Pets Galore

Life Is Always Better With A Companion


Practising Yoga & Meditation With Your Furry Companions Yoga and meditation offer numerous benefits for both humans and pets, promoting relaxation, flexibility, and bonding. Incorporating your cats and dogs into your yoga practice can deepen your


Discover New Places & Unexpected Experiences


Bukhara, one of the oldest cities in Central Asia, is a treasure trove of historical and architectural marvels. With its rich cultural heritage, stunning mosques, and ancient monuments, Bukhara offers a fascinating journey through time.


Climbing Lions Of The Nairobi National Park On a cloudy Saturday afternoon as I drove through the park, in the valley below No5 junction, a group of giraffe caught my attention. The giraffes were all

Gareth Jones H&S Feature

A Tribute To The Life Of Gareth Jones (1961-2022): A Man Who Loved God & All His Creation

A Dedicated Wildlife Conservationist, A Wonderful Husband, A Loving Father, An Amazing Friend & A Passionate Writer & Photographer.

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Showcasing The Latest Trends In Fashion


Stay Safe and Comfortable in the Great Outdoors When venturing outdoors, it’s essential to wear the right trousers to protect yourself from scratches, scabs, and other potential hazards. The right choice of trousers can make your

Health & Beauty

Living A Healthier & More Beautiful Life


Effective Ways to Maintain Bright, Healthy Eyes Dark circles around the eyes can be a common issue, making one look tired and older. While they can be caused by various factors, there are several ways to

Education & Parenting

Prepare Yourself For The Future


Bridging Generational Gaps Multigenerational living, where grandparents, parents, and children live together, is becoming increasingly common. While it offers many benefits, it also presents unique challenges in terms of parenting styles and family dynamics.

H&S Love Affair

What Is Life Without Love?


Building Trust & Strengthening Marital Bonds Marriage is not only a union of hearts but also a partnership in life's practical aspects, including finances. One of the foundational pillars that can either strengthen or weaken this

Art & Culture

Life Is Always More Beautiful With A Little Creativity


John Paul Cooper (born 1 November 1983) is an English singer and songwriter. He is best known for featuring on the single "Perfect Strangers" by DJ and producer Jonas Blue. The song was certified platinum


Tailored Elegance For Every Bride's Special Day Delight in the exquisite beauty of our handcrafted bridal bouquets from J.K. Florist. Each bouquet is meticulously designed to complement your unique style and enhance the magic of your


"Jannah: Home at Last" is a spiritual beacon for believers, offering hope and encouragement through the trials of life. Dr. Omar Suleiman eloquently conveys that this world is not meant to be our paradise, but

Bon Appétit

Experience The Tastier Side Of Life


Who Is Geena Wanjiru Gichuhi? I’m a young food lover who isn’t afraid of experimenting and loves that I get to incorporate my multiple talents into what I do. I'm a Private Chef and Food Stylist, currently

Homes & Gardens

Experience The Quality Of Living


Choosing the Right Solar System for Your Home Investing in a solar-powered system for your home is a significant step towards sustainability and energy independence. To ensure you select the right system, it's essential to understand

Events & Entertainment

Experience The Joy Of Life


Sparks fly between a marketing executive and a NASA official as he makes preparations for the Apollo 11 moon landing.


TWISTERS- Haunted by a devastating encounter with a tornado, Kate Cooper gets lured back to the open plains by her friend, Javi, to test a groundbreaking new tracking system. She soon crosses paths with Tyler


Inspired by Captain Gopinath's book 'Simplifly' and multiple other true stories from the world of entrepreneurship and aviation, Sarfira tells the story of Vir Jagannath Mhatre, the son of a teacher in rural Maharashtra who

Science & Technology

Experience The Future Of Living


Always-on security for always-on businesses. For small business owners who have to deal with everything themselves, it can be challenging to focus on growing their revenues while having peace of mind about their IT. They


DPO is proud to be the largest and the fastest-growing African payment gateway. We offer small and medium-sized businesses, right up to global companies, the solution, the technology, the opportunity, and the support to make

Business Ideas & Inspirations

It's Not Just A Lifestyle It's Business


Staying Ahead in the Business World In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, continuous learning and staying updated with the latest technologies are crucial for success. Embracing lifelong learning can enhance your skills, boost your career, and


Your Premier Social Media Design Agency- Welcome to SMDA, where we specialize in empowering your social presence one post at a time. Are you seeking a reliable and creative design agency to handle all your

Real Estate

Own Your Space, It's Your Life


Understanding the Financial and Structural Aspects of Multi-Level Construction Building multi-level structures involves significant costs and complexities. It's crucial to understand why these projects are more expensive and the vital role a structural engineer plays in


Placing Yourself In The Driver's Seat


Tips for Confidently Driving Vehicles with Extended Hoods Driving a car with a long bonnet can be challenging, especially for those new to such vehicles. With the right techniques and a bit of practice, you can


Find the perfect rental car for your trip anywhere around the world. is a leader in online car rental reservations; we compare car rental deals from many companies so that you can choose which

Sports & Fitness

I Don't Just Play Sports, I Live Sports


The Vital Role of Sports in Childhood Development Introducing children to sports from a young age is crucial for their overall development. Participation in sports offers numerous physical, mental, and social benefits, laying the foundation for