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The Importance Of Having A Family Time - Written By Alvira Diwan Family is an essential unit of every individual's life. A healthy relationship among family members ensures healthy individuals too. Family time is an essential factor that helps to create

Effects Of Social Media On Relationships- Written By Alvira Diwan In a world full of gadgets it is almost impossible to live a life with privacy. Anything and everything you do, goes to one of your social media accounts. There are

Pleasing Your Partner At The Cost Of Yourself - Acknowledge Your 'Self Worth' & Make It Known. - Written By Alvira Diwan Every relationship has a dominant and submissive partner respectively.

New Year, New You: A Guide To Making The New Year, Your Best Year Ever! - By Alvira Diwan This new year don't just take a resolution for a year but a lifetime. Instead of developing a habit, attempt thinking about

Toxic Relationship: Is Your Relationship Toxic? A healthy relationship involves mutual care, respect and compassion, an interest in our partner’s welfare and growth, and the ability to share control and decision-making, in short, a shared desire for each other’s happiness.

New Year Gift Ideas For That Special Someone In Your Life There has been a lot going on this year, however, the new year brings new hopes even if it's with uncertainty. The best we can do is try to be

The Importance Of Letting Your Children Bond With Their Grandparents - Written By Alvira Diwan In today's world old things and old people are considered least important. People no longer have the time and patience to appreciate the importance of anything

Be A Role Model For Your Children - Written By Alvira Diwan It is said that children are like raw clay that can be moulded in any desirable way. The saying is actually quite true. Apart from the genes that they

Marriage Diaries - Things We Should Consider Before Getting Married I wanted to share a real-life situation but then decided to go with my understanding of the topic from what I've observed around me. What we look for in a marriage (be

Alvira Diwan's Marriage Diaries - What To Look For In A Man Before Marriage? Ever observed the matrimonial section of newspapers? The boy's section is from his point of view, whereas the girl's section is from her parents' point of view.

Broken Relationships & What That Entails I come across relationship issues very often. Every relationship that a human being has, be it with their parents, siblings, peers, partner or in a social setting is bound to have a rift at some

'Do What You Can, With All You Have, Wherever You Are' - Message By Alvira Diwan The phase is definitely Difficult, unexpected and unfortunate. You have an option to sit in your home and sulk about it or to make the

Alvira Diwan's Marriage Diaries Part 2 Marriage is an important phase of life or a milestone if I may say. It is about a couple working on a strong relationship, build with love, trust and empathy to live a socially approved

Alvira Diwan's Marriage Diaries I have been hearing this word for ages (since a teenager). My reaction initially was that of a normal teenager shy and sweet. With time and repetitive use of the word made me think about marriage from

Teaching Your Children Anger Management Skills! - Written By Alvira Diwan Human beings in all ages experience anger in different intensities, owing to the situation. Anger is a normal, healthy emotion. But some kids get angry very often and create a

How To Build Self-esteem In Your Child? - Written By Alvira Diwan Self-esteem means having confidence in one's own worth or abilities and having self-respect. A child’s self-esteem begins to form very early and continues being created day by day.

How To Improve Academic Performance In Children? - Written By Alvira Diwan Every parent wants their children to excel in every field they step in. As parents, you try your best to instil good values and morals in your children. Instilling

What Can You Do As Parents, To Fight Peer Pressure In Childhood? - Written By Alvira Diwan How often has your child asked you for something his friends have? Or to do the things they do? When they want to join

How To Develop A Reading Habit In Your Child? - Written By Alvira Diwan Reading helps a great deal in building your confidence, reduces the stress and puts you in a better mood.

How To Raise A Troubled Teenager- Adolescent Parenting! - Written By Alvira Diwan While parenting itself is a great responsibility, parenthood in adolescent age needs special attention.

Parenting & It's Effects On Early Childhood - Written By Alvira Diwan Early childhood is the most important phase of a human life. It is defined as the period from birth to eight years old. It is a time of remarkable

The Concept Of New Beginnings - Written By Alvira Diwan If I say that every day is a NEW BEGINNING I'm not wrong! We meet end number of people, some just cross our ways, some walk with us on a journey and

What Is The Importance Of Understanding, In A Relationship?- Written By Alvira Diwan Any relationship is a result of efforts two people take. They have something similar to attract each other or something unique from others which make them attractive to

Focus On Your Child's Strengths Not Weaknesses - Written By Alvira Diwan Children are unique in terms of personality and nature, so it wouldn't be wrong to say that they have the most original way of presenting themselves. They don't care

What Does It Entail To Be Oversensitive In A Relationship?- Written By Alvira Diwan A relationship has many emotions in it love, anger, hate and many more. Everyone has a way of expressing their emotions too. Some are very casual and

Making Mistakes As Parents - Written By Alvira Diwan There is no science behind the right way of parenting. There ain't any process to follow which will be absolutely correct.Psychology teaches you about child rearing and behaviors but it is not

Emotional Abuse- A Form Of Abuse Worse Than Physical One! - Written By Alvira Diwan It is a human tendency to overlook things which are not visible to our eyes. Anything that is noticeable is taken care of, and something which