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01 Mar, 2024
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Kipini Conservation Fundraiser With Raabia & Nusrat Honorary KWS Ranger, Raabia Hawa approached Pwani Animal Welfare with a desperate need to relocate the feral cats that were hunting reptiles, small mammals, and birds vital to the balance of the Kipini Conservation

The Final Run: A Conservationist's Nightmare - Written by Raabia Hawa Browsing peacefully in the Maasai steppe in Kenya under the light of the moon, this giraffe was suddenly ambushed by two men on a motorbike. Scared, she ran as they chased

Wildlife Conservation - Raabia Hawa Conserving wildlife has been an uphill challenge from the very beginning. None the less, there remain committed people who would do anything to see our ecosystems thrive once again. I am so fortunate to be a