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02 Feb, 2023
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THE VEGAN KRIYA YOGI – A LOVING MINDFUL WAY OF LIVING - Written by Khilan Shah More than often veganism is thought of as a special plant-based diet for health-conscious people and the philosophy underlining veganism is often misunderstood. Prem and

OVERCOMING LONELINESS ON THE SPIRITUAL PATH - By Khilan Shah Who can we share our tribulations and trials with as we continually seek personal transformation and spiritual progress in the midst of the materially driven day-to-day world? Who can we turn

'Overcoming Laziness On Our Spiritual Journey' - By Khilan Shah Laziness is something I have fallen victim to on my spiritual path and it still catches me off guard at times. About five years ago, during a casual conversation with Paramahamsa

'HOW ATTACHED ARE WE TO OUR REPUTATION' - By Khilan Shah Very often we may find ourselves in a position when our actions and behaviour–although they may make sense to us or we have reasons for them that we are not

CRISIS: AN OPPORTUNE TIME TO MAKE A PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH - By Khilan Shah Today I would like us to challenge the way we think, our habits and actions, our limits and barriers that we have put on ourselves.

'HOW WE RECEIVE IS HOW WE GIVE' - By Khilan Shah We have a strong admiration for people who, despite how bad their position is, refuse to accept help, gifts or charity from anyone. Their mentality can be seen to be