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6 'For Him' Trends To Look Out For This 2021 2021 has finally arrived and with it gentlemen, this year has some very cool fashionable designs that will blow your mind away! Despite the pandemic, the fashion trends continued to grow

6 'For Her' Trends To Look Out For This 2021 2021 has finally arrived and with it ladies, this year has some cool designs which even included some from the past such as bralettes & corsets.  Here's what made it to

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Jewellery Pieces & How To Wear Them- By H&S Jewellery is a timeless investment and every man and woman should invest in jewellery! Fashion trends evolve over years and what might be in, this season may not be in the next

Christmas Party Dresses To Go For This Christmas - FASHION TIPS BY H&S Guess what this year Christmas just got hotter! With a few days to Christmas and whilst you are struggling to pick that special Christmas party dress this Christmas,

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JUMPSUITS - FASHION TIPS BY H&S Planning to put an outfit together but just can't seem to get the top and bottom to match? Or are you thinking of what to wear next on your date? Well, you don't have to

2020 Top 6 Handbag Trends - H&S Tips For Her Behind every successful woman is a fabulous handbag!! From oversized totes to fancy chain embellished bags, to name a couple, 2020 has some trendy handbags that every woman must own!

Look Great & Save Money- H&S Tips For Him & Her Let's face it, there is really no need to spend money over clothes, when you don't intend to ever wear them, instead you can end up saving a lot of

2020 Top 6 Fashion Trends For Women Over 40 - H&S Tips For Him & Her Mother's Day is around the corner and so it was only fitting to cover the top 6 fashion trends for women over 40. It doesn't

Sleepwear- What You Should Wear In Bed By H&S Fashion Guide Going to bed? Want to know what is in, when it comes to sleepwear? Read on to find out what made it to the H&S top 4 Sleepwear List!

Salomon Speedcross 4- The 4th edition of this iconic running shoe turns the normal image of refinement on its head. Lightweight, highly cushioned and with monster grip on soft trail conditions, the SPEEDCROSS 4 delivers more raw fun than ever.

We got you the best quality and unique Slim Fit Khaki Trousers for either casual or the official look. With this 5 Pack all-weather pants, we have your week sorted out hence you can go on with your hustle without

Are You Ready To Hit The Beach & Rock Your Beachwear With H&S This summer make sure you make the most of it and hit the beach! Although this article is targeted to beachwear, you can use the same advice for

Ladies, looking for something classy, fashionable, trendy and warm this winter, why not try these beautiful Poncho Capes.

Ladies, Are You Ready To Go Nude With H&S Fashion? This year, make sure you make the most by getting nude! In case you haven't as yet figured out, we are talking about the evergreen or rather the 'evernude' colour! From

Stylish Spring/Summer Fashion Trends Gentlemen, we have our top 5 spring/summer trends for you to check out! Some of the old trends such as the biker jackets are back again with a bang to find out what made it on our

Stylish Spring/Summer Fashion Trends Ladies, we have our top 5 spring/summer trends for you to check out! Chunky seems to be the best descriptive word this summer/spring, whether it is sleeves, boots or chains! Make sure you are keeping up with

6 Tips On How To Dress Appropriately For An Interview- By H&S 'First impression is the last impression' a phrase commonly used by many. However this phrase is important when it comes to job interviews & it is therefore advisable to

Top 4, 2020 Jewellery Trends For Women By H&S Magazine Jewellery transforms any outfit from mundane to extraordinaire! This year, there's 4 top pieces of jewellery that will make you stand out from the crowd. After all, no outfit is complete

2020 Fashionable Colour Trends - What's In This 2020? Just because your indoors doesn't mean you can't get updated on the fashion trends! H&S Fashion brings to you the top colour trends of 2020. There's no need to sulk and fashion

H&S 2020 Winter Outerwear Trends For Her We are moving towards colder weather & so we have prepared our top list of winter outerwear that are fashionable this 2020 thus making them wardrobe-worthy! This 2020 is all about loose-fitting, straight-cut jackets,

What Should Men Wear For Their Zoom Meetings? 2020 has been crazy so far, with the current COVID-19 crisis, there has been a drastic shift in the way people work, i.e. from office to home. This shift has been a massive

Long gone are the days when eyeglasses used to be mundane & worn for a purpose! Spectacles these days are a fashion statement and have evolved in the fashion industry over the years! We are going to tell you how

READY TO GET SUITED? ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SUITS - FASHION TIPS BY H&S Are you excited to get suited? Suits have always been a wardrobe staple & every gentleman out there will agree to this! Whether it's for

6 Ways To Look Classy & Stylish By H&S A Classy woman isn't one who wears her hair perfectly or does her makeup immaculately! She is classy when she dresses up stylishly, looking elegant head to toe. Similarly for a man

4 Favourite Bathrobes For Women To Pick This 2020 Imagine slipping into a soft & cosy bathrobe right after a long tiring day. Bathrobes are not just for the hotels, you can add a little bit of luxury at home by

6 'For Her' Trends To Look Out For This 2020 2020 is here ladies and this year it's all about being trendy from top tanks to trench coats. Here's what made it to our top 6 list of 2020 trends for

What Should Women Wear For Their Zoom Meetings 2020 has been crazy so far, with the current lockdown there has been a drastic shift in the way people work, from office to home. This shift has been a massive change in

Body Type & How To dress H&S Tips For Him & Her There are different body types for both men & women! It is important to know your body type, so you can pick the right type of clothing that best

H&S 2020 Denim Trends For Her This year denim has taken a huge U-turn in the Fashion world! What used to be in is no longer trendy this 2020. That's right let's bid farewell to those skinny jeans, mini denim skirts

2020 Fashion Trends - What's In This 2020? Women, this year fashion is all about flaunting what you've got! From bralettes or bra tops to hot pants to long side slits. This year is definitely about showing off a bit of

5 Life-saving Fashion Hacks For Men & Women By H&S We have all been in that sticky situation where we have spilt something on our favourite piece of garment that we were planning to wear, or we couldn't get rid off

6 Tips To Keep Your Closet Smelling Fresh, Organised & Uncluttered- By H&S Looking for your favourite outfit but unable to find it in your closet? Ever wondered that you have so many clothes yet you can't find anything to wear?

2020 Valentine's Day Couple Outfit Ideas - What To Wear This Valentine's Day As A Couple? It's Valentine's day tomorrow and couples normally want to dress special looking colour coordinated on this day! Whether it's a movie date or a stroll

Lacoste Kenya- Ground Floor, Westgate Mall, Westlands. Looking for something special for your Loved one? Surprise him/her this Valentines with a Lacoste gift voucher, and get 10% OFF on your subsequent purchase. GIFTS FOR HIS & HERS THIS VALENTINES

2020 Valentine's Day Outfits - What To Wear This Valentine's Day? Red, pink or purple may be the perfect Valentine's day colours for women, however, this isn't true for men. Picking the perfect Valentine's Day Outfit is not an easy task

2020 Valentine's Day Outfits - What To Wear This Valentine's Day? Picking the perfect Valentine's Day Outfit can be very tricky! No matter what plans you have for V'day, whether it's that Valentine's Day Party to attend or a romantic date

ZOPO MEN’S FASHION BRAND FOR THE SOPHISTICATED MAN Zopo has just opened another branch in the new wing of the Sarit Centre in Westlands, Nairobi. This leading Chinese brand caters to the sophisticated man’s needs from shoes, bags, jeans, trousers, blazers

4 WINTER WEDDING DRESSING STYLES FOR HIM & HER - FASHION TIPS BY H&S Have a winter wedding to go to? Wondering what's in this 2019? Check out our list as we take you through our top 4 picks for him

Sleepwear- What You Should Wear In Bed By H&S Fashion Guide Going to bed? Want to know what is in, when it comes to sleepwear? Read on to find out what made it to the H&S top 4 Sleepwear List!

Ui'-Tiki- A Popular Papua New Guinean Fashion Brand Ui'-Tiki (pronounced oo-ee-tiki) is a growing Papua New Guinean (PNG) fashion brand

FASHION TIPS BY H&S The fashion tips for The Femme Fatale & The Macho Man are important trendy tips that will make every woman & man look & feel confident, elegant & sexy!

4 Different Umbrellas For The Rainy Season- By H&S Since the rains have arrived bringing with it the cold weather, it is time to pull out your umbrellas! So which umbrella do you prefer?

FASHION TIPS BY H&S A scarf is a fashion statement for both the gorgeous woman & the dapper man & is therefore an absolute must-have on our H&S Fashion Tips! We will share our 3 favourite ways of carrying a scarf!

Dress According To His Astrological Sign & Get Noticed This 2019 Dating a man or planning to find one? Here's an interesting read on what you can wear on your date, depending on what his star sign is to get him

Eventique Ltd Brings To You: Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2019- An Exhilarating Event! The much-awaited fashion event of the year- If you would like to showcase your brand, products or services to the most elite Indian Kenyan target market, here

IT'S ALL ABOUT POLKA DOTS: READY TO GET DOTTED? - FASHION TIPS BY H&S Who said polka dots aren't for women & are childish? If you remember watching the movie 'Pretty Woman' where Julia Roberts wore a statement polka dot dress

3 WINTER JACKETS FOR HIM & HER - FASHION TIPS BY H&S The 3 top winter jackets we have picked for you not only look stylish but keep you safe and warm from rain & cold weather! These jackets are easy

Men, Here's Your Personal Guide To Socks - By H&S Fashion Socks are every man's wardrobe staple. Whether it's for sports, or office or a wedding, every guy has a drawer of socks that he turns to daily! Keep reading to

5 Tips To Travel In Style By H&S Whether you travel for work, leisure or both, the question is what clothes to carry whilst travelling. After all you want to look your best and be comfortable too, don't you? Find out

Get Checked In Your Checked Shirt-By H&S A checked shirt, another essential and a must have in your wardrobe! It can be worn as either smart or casual & H&S therefore emphasizes that every lady and man out there own this

Are You Ready To Get Striped? -By H&S Stripes are evergreen in the fashion industry & is therefore a wardrobe staple. It can be worn as either smart or casual & H&S therefore emphasizes that every lady and man out there

Floral Prints: Clothing & Accessories- By H&S Floral prints can never grow old. Every woman loves and owns at least one floral piece in her wardrobe. They are not just fun but also look great on any woman! Keep reading this

5 Looks For The 2019 Winter- By H&S Finally we bid farewell to the summer as we embrace winter! We have picked 4 different winter looks that look sassy, chic, cute & sexy for men & women! Keep reading this section

3 WINTER HATS FOR HIM & HER - FASHION TIPS BY H&S Here are our top 3 favourite picks of winter hats for him & her! Wear them & they are not only going to make you stand out this winter,

7 Perfect Sweaters For Cold & Chilly Weather By Sarah Nderi Sweater weather is almost here. The rain should stop teasing us and rain already as the dust now is unreal. Apart from the dust, I really love hot weather because

Men's Stylish Accessory - The Tie Men, the most sought for stylish accessory this 2019 is the none other than the tie! The tie is an integral part of every gentleman's life and is thus a part of his daily wear

? 3 Summer Shoes For Men & Women ? The 3 summer shoes are all time favourites & if you want to learn what's trending then keep reading this section to find out more!

Sarah Nderi's 3 Must-have Handbags I am a one handbag kind of girl and I have used the same handbag for close to three years now. Inasmuch as I believe in looking nice, I also believe in function-able clothes, affordable clothes

7 Beautiful Necklaces For Women By H&S Magazine Necklaces are a piece of jewellery that transform your outfit from mundane to extraordinaire! We will help you find a perfect necklace & help you stand out, be whatever your outfit! This 2019

5 Best Swimwear For Women By H&S Magazine Ladies the 2019 summer is cruel and what better way to cool off then in your bathing suit? Check out H&S recommended swimwear for all you ladies out there! You can now purchase

6 Valentine's Day Outfits For The Matching Couple In ❤️ It's Valentine's Day and what better way to celebrate your love? Today all couples will be celebrating their love by going out to a restaurant, a beach or on an adventure, so

6 Valentine's Day Outfits For Her Valentine's Day is exactly a week away & if you haven't as yet picked your perfect outfit for Valentine's, then now is the time to start picking what you want to wear! It's a no-brainer

Going Monochromatic? Try These Styles. It’s a crime that among all fashion content I have there is no content on monochrome styles. I love anything on the grayscale, though this is the year I said we are going floral right? Going

Fashion Tips: How to Wear and Pair Statement Pieces - By Sarah Nderi I thought it's awesome to write about statement pieces since it’s something I really love and enjoy in terms of bringing a look together.

How to Get a Week’s Worth of Outfits from 5 Basics - By Sarah Nderi Into the hands of every individual is given a marvelous power for good or evil- the silent unconscious unseen influence of his life. This is simply

? Your 2019 Summer Fashion Guide By H&S ? Hello Summer! This is the most awaited time for most. It's the time to pull out & flaunt all our 'hot stuff'! So are you ready to see what's hot this 2019?

Fashion & Beauty Tips,Tricks & Plans for the 2019 - By Sarah Nderi Fashion  Fitting Bras and Seamless undies. Ladies, if you’re going to wear something tight, let your undies be seamless to settle the liner situation.

What To Wear At A Cocktail- H&S Tips For Him & Her Invited to a cocktail & wondering what to wear?  Fret not, H&S Fashion Guide will help you select your perfect cocktail attire!

Ladies: Fashion Must Haves Before 2019 - By Sarah Nderi Hey peeps, It’s our usual weekly Fashion posts and this week we focus on 2019. Merry Christmas in advance and Happy New year.

What To Wear This Christmas- H&S Tips For Him & Her Hurrah Christmas is around the corner and we have begun the countdown! As you anxiously await Christmas, you're number one concern usually is what to wear at the party? How

Perfect Gift Guide For Her This December. - By Sarah Nderi December is really testing people’s relationships and friendships. How keen you’re amid conversations will be weighed when a gift is required of you and you don’t know your friend’s taste.

Miss World 2018, the 68th Miss World pageant is taking place in Sanya, China & will be live for all to watch on Saturday, the 8th of December 2018. Finali Galaiya, Miss Kenya is one of the 118 contestants taking

Fashion & Lifestyle 6th Edition 8th of December 2018 This event targets the Kenya fashion industry. We promote new, upcoming and established brands. H&S Reliance Group Ltd is proud to be associated with this spectacular event! For all those who want to

Fashion Tips: What to Wear to an Interview - By Sarah Nderi Happy New Month Peeps! I hope this month brings you joy, happiness, fulfillment, stability and that you finally finalize all your 2018 goals. If you are like me and already

Wardrobe Essentials: How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe - By Sarah Nderi I am definitely at a place where I feel my wardrobe needs a purge, plus I have been feeling that I need to wear clothes that communicates my personality

Did you just turn the big 4-0 & now you think your fashion days are over? Who said 40's have to be boring? Here's the deal, if you've just turned 40, embrace it with style! Dress in whatever way you

Graduation season is here. Of course I am excited for the day to come and all the work that comes with it. There is going to be traffic from Egerton to Timbuktu and no phone network coverage which is a

How To Wear Denim- H&S Tips For Him & Her Who thought denim was synonymous with jeans only? Did you just nod? Well guess what we are about to show you how denim can be used & worn to make a

Classy Shoe Trends 2018- H&S Tips For Him & Her Shoes have always been the guilty shopping pleasure not just for women but also for men! The type of shoes you wear speaks volumes about your personality and style! H&S Fashion

Cool Summer Date Styles For The Daytime & Evening By H&S Fashion Guide Summer is here and and you are wondering how to embrace this summer with open arms & what to wear on your hot date? Read on to find

Nothing is more unattractive than wearing things that should never be worn! If you want to look appealing and stylish then follow the H&S Fashion Guide of 'What Not To Wear'!

Recap Of The Fashion & Lifestyle 5th Edition The Fashion & Lifestyle 5th Edition is an event all about fashion, lifestyle, networking, expanding your brand and much more. What's better; we have upcoming and established designers grace our runway every edition.

Top Kenyan Designer Deepa Dosaja Represents Kenya At UN F4D First Ladies Luncheon In NYC Earlier during the year, our very own top Kenyan fashion designer Deepa Dosaja represented Kenya amongst 52 other countries at the launch of the Commonwealth Fashion

Your Summer Fashion Guide By H&S Summer's finally here and we have the best summer fashion guide for all you men and women out there! The long, dull, chilly winter is finally over which puts an end to the era of

Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018 Press Conference - By H&S Magazine Last Saturday, the 1st of September the chief guest Mr. Irshadali Sumra a renowned Kenyan businessman & politician, along with the sponsors, partners, team & contestants of Miss India Kenya

4 Ways To Dress Better This 2018 By H&S We all want to feel & look our best! We have therefore shortlisted the 4 ways to dress better this 2018. Find out how you can accentuate your look with the H&S

Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018 - Miss Entrepreneur- Exclusive Cover By H&S Magazine On Sunday 26th of August the contestants of Miss India Kenya 2018 presented some brilliant business ideas at the Cloud Hotel. Some of the ideas were original and