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15 May, 2024
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Top Patio Ideas For Your Space!

8 Patio Ideas That Will Inspire You

If you are looking for some patio inspiration you have come to the right place! Everyone needs a space to relax and enjoy some fresh air. Irrespective of the size of the space, there’s a perfect patio for every home that fits every budget. A well-planned and designed patio is all about making the most of the space using the correct material and colour to make your space the ideal retreat!  So get ready to be inspired by our top popular patio designs to add life and colour to your outdoor space!

1. The Patio With A Custom Fire Pit

What’s better than having a custom-built fire pit to keep you warm during the cold nights? It’s chic and most of all does the job of keeping you warm!


2. The Patio With Built-in Seating

You can use concrete seating to make your patio unique. Concrete is a cool structure and also easy to clean. This is perfect if you want to add a solid immovable structure to your patio.


3. The Covered Patio

Covered patios are perfect to protect you from the direct rays of the scorching sun as well as keep you dry in the rainy seasons. The cover could be made of concrete as an extension to the part of your house or you could use fibreglass to cover your patio.


4. Patio With A Featured Wooden Table

If you want an impressive patio that is warm and welcoming and has a unique feature that stands out, you can opt for a solid wooden table with cane and wicker chairs to add make your patio stand out.


5. The Semi-Covered Patio

Pergolas are perfect to add shade to your backyard space keeping you protected from the harsh sunlight. It’s a beautiful partial cover for your patio as you can play peek-a-boo with the sun. It’s modern and you can add some climbing plants to this gorgeous structure to bring more character to your patio.


6. The Elevated Patio

If you love swings then why not add this feature to your patio? A dramatic swing sofa or a modern porch swing can elevate your patio making it look pretty and comfy.


7. The Unique Patio

Adding some rattan chairs or wicker seats and sofas make your patio comfy. But how about picking a unique style and design with pops of colour to make your patio different from the rest? If you don’t like to stick to the norm, then this patio design might be all you need for a little inspiration.


8. Patio For Parties

If you love to have friends over for dinners and want to use your outdoor space, how about building a patio with a full kitchen or a bar with an exterior music system to entertain your friends and family under the stars?