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What Our Services Include?

There are several types of websites you can build for your company, what you need to make sure is that, you clearly outline your website goals before getting into any design phase, otherwise you may just end up with another dead website sitting online that has no effect on your business. Here is where H&S Reliance Group Ltd comes in, we first analyse your business objectives before we present you with a proposal that would suit your business needs. There are several types of websites you can select for your business setup, these include:

1. Corporate: With a Corporate website, your business can stand out as a brand, building confidence with your customers and showcasing your products or services, achievements, qualifications & business location/branches. Companies that fall in this category are distributors, manufacturers, lawyers, medical practitioners, Insurance companies, Banks, Investment Groups etc…

2. e-Commerce: This ideally is an online shop where customers can browse through your products, add items to the cart, and checkout by selecting delivery options & making a payment. During the pandemic, more companies who have embraced change have now pulled their resources together to build such platforms to convert sales and attract newer customers all over the country.

3. Portfolio: Professionals who offer a unique services or products can show off their work to attract new customers through enquiries, business that choose this package include photographers, artists, models, furniture makers, contractors etc…

4. Directory: This is most common with clubs that have many members & their main goal is to showcase what achievements they have made together as a group/chapter, as well as feature each member in a directory format, so that each member get enough exposure of being part of an official cause/members club.


Where Do I Begin?

It is very important to take the time and identify the following if you are planning to build a successful website. Many companies make the mistake of hiring web developers and leaving everything to the developer to decide, and after the website has been delivered, they feel a sense of disappointment because the website does not meet their desired results.

As an owner of a business, it is very important to be patient and plan out exactly what you want to achieve, as only you know your company best. The factors of planning out your website include:

1. Identify Your Website Goals: Are you looking for brand awareness, do you want to sell online, do you want customer enquiries, do you want to showcase interesting articles that make you stand out more than your competitors, these goals are important to identify before entering the build phase.

2. Create A Sitemap/Website Plan: How many pages will your website have, what kind of content do you want to have on each individual page and what kind of features would you like to have on the website.

3. Professional Additional Services: For a developer to fully understand the extent of the job, you need to indicate: are you ready with all the content, these include text, images, logos, posters, banners etc… then your website could take a much shorter time to complete and will be much more affordable, but if you require added professional help such as photography, copywriting & graphic design, then it is better to outline what is required in detail so that your development team can fully assess the project to deliver you the best results. The reason why many websites take long is due to poor planning of the required content, and many developers are left with building blank pages with not enough images or text to place, awaiting the company to provide this.

4. Plan Your Launch: After building a website, you need to understand  a website is like setting up a new branch of your business, it is an investment and even though the site may have the perfect features to convert business and meet your goals, just like any business, you need to carry out some form of regular marketing to drive regular customers into the door. These include:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Placing your adverts on high traffic websites that your ideal customers would be visiting, for example H&S Magazine Kenya

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