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18 Apr, 2021
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Teach Your Child To Be Kind Starting This Christmas! Being kind is imperative and it's every parent's responsibility to make sure that they instil this important quality in their child. We all know that the world has become a meaner place

6 Things Every Parent Must Teach Their Child! Every parent wonders if they are doing enough to make a good impact on their child's life. Children are a reflection of their parents and it is, therefore, incumbent upon parents to set

6 Fun Indoor Easter Activities To Try With Your Little Ones This Easter! This year, for the second time in a row, we are celebrating Easter at home. Irrespective of the current situation, it's time to make this Easter a little

Healthy Disciplining - The Best Way To Discipline A Child! Disciplining a child is every parent's nightmare! It is a job that parents dislike as it takes a lot of patience and can be very taxing. Remember it is your duty

4 Biggest Parenting Challenges Faced By Every Parent Parenting can be the most wonderful & most rewarding job in the world but at the same time, it can be the most challenging and at times frustrating too. If you are a

Back To School - Embracing The New Norm! As schools reopen and the Covid crisis continues, parents are preparing to embrace themselves for yet another new norm. After a long break, some parents seem to breathe a sigh of relief

Embracing The Wave Of Digitalization: 7 Tips On How To Prepare Yourself & Your Child For This New Digital World! The world as we knew yesterday is no longer the same! Ever since COVID-19 entered our world, everything has changed &

The Importance Of Letting Your Children Bond With Their Grandparents - Written By Alvira Diwan In today's world old things and old people are considered least important. People no longer have the time and patience to appreciate the importance of anything

The Importance Of Having A Family Time - Written By Alvira Diwan Family is an essential unit of every individual's life. A healthy relationship among family members ensures healthy individuals too. Family time is an essential factor that helps to create

A Parent's Guide To Night Terrors! A night terror, also known as a sleep terror, is more intense & dramatic than a simple nightmare & occurs in only 3-6% of children. It is also important to note that after a nightmare

Parental Challenges - Every Parent's Nightmare! Parenting has become and still keeps becoming more and more challenging as the years go by. Long gone are the days when parents could let their children play in the neighbourhood without having to worry

Connecting With Your Child- How To Connect With Your Child & Its Importance! How many of us feel that we are disconnected in one way or another with our child? How many of us feel that the screen time has

A Parent's Guide To Screen Time! The schools continue to be shut until next year & this means kids will be spending a lot of time indoors. The first thing that parents get concerned about is 'Screen Time'. Naturally, since children

Toddler Tantrums: Everything You Need To Know A toddler is a child aged 1 to 3 years which is a time of great cognitive, emotional as well as social development but is also a time of tantrums. Toddler tantrums is basically

The Importance Of Career Counselling & Guidance When your child finishes schooling, it is important to help students make a sound decision on the next steps they want to take in their life with respect to their higher education and career

6 Fun Eid Activities To Try With Your Children At Home This Eid al-Adha 2020! Yes, we are going to be celebrating Eid al-Adha 2020 at home. This Eid is all about sacrifice and even though it won't be celebrated in

Be A Role Model For Your Children - Written By Alvira Diwan It is said that children are like raw clay that can be moulded in any desirable way. The saying is actually quite true. Apart from the genes that they

How To Tackle Issues As Parents, During COVID-19 Lockdown Parenting is a 24/7 job that has no breaks or vacays. If you are a parent you know this is a full-time unpaid job that needs to be done, as the tiny

How To Avoid Mealtime Struggle With Your Child! Mealtime struggle is a real and major issue for many parents. But this dinnertime battle can actually be avoided! Encouraging your child towards healthy eating habits is a task that requires a lot

Single Parenting During COVID-19 Lockdown The lockdown has surely taken its toll on most families in general, however, it has been even tougher on the single parents. Kids who used to be at school are now all of a sudden stuck

5 Fun Easter-themed Activities To Try With Your Little Ones At Home This Easter 2020! Yes, we are most likely going to be celebrating Easter 2020 at home, regardless of the current situation, guess what every year it is the same

A Parental Guide To Depression In Children If you were unsure of depression in children as being a 'real thing', then you may want to read this article! In fact, the rate of depression in children has been rising over the

Importance Of Traditional Toys: 6 Reasons Why Toys Are Good For Your Child! With the advancement of technology and the invention of touchscreens, most parents these days tend to invest in gadgets such as tablets or phones for their children. However,

How To Help Your Child Deal With A Bully- A Guide To Every Parent's Nightmare! Bullying is an extremely sensitive topic & can be very difficult for some parents to handle as mean kids can be found from younger grades to

Dependent To Independent: From A Child To A Teenager- Written by Bilkis Bhandwalkar The physical, mental and emotional development of the child continues and in no time you have a young, spirited teenager right in front of you. This adolescence stage

Values Are Valuable: Practice What You Preach!- Written by Bilkis Bhandwalkar You cannot expect your child to do things which he/she has not seen you doing ever!!! A child will automatically share things or lend a helping hand in need if

Education: A Unique Investment!! - Written by Bilkis Bhandwalkar Yes, you read it correctly

REWARD AND REPRIMAND GO HAND IN HAND! - Written by Bilkis Bhandwalkar These two words although beginning with the same letter 'R' are an antithesis to each other and most importantly are to be tread with RESTRAINT!!

FIRST FOOT FORWARD TOWARDS FORMAL EDUCATION - Written by Bilkis Bhandwalkar The first and extremely important step in this direction is the CHOICE OF SCHOOL. As parents, you have to be very careful while selecting/choosing the SCHOOL for your child as it

Understanding The Transition From An Infant To A Toddler!! - Written by Bilkis Bhandwalkar Growth is a natural phenomenon and so like all living things

PARENTING PRIDE COMES WITH A PRICE!! - Written by Bilkis Bhandwalkar This does sound absurd but it's a sad reality! Becoming parents is the biggest joy in one's life. Every couple wants to procreate a beautiful life and enjoy this bliss.

Teaching Your Children Anger Management Skills! - Written By Alvira Diwan Human beings in all ages experience anger in different intensities, owing to the situation. Anger is a normal, healthy emotion. But some kids get angry very often and create a

How To Build Self-esteem In Your Child? - Written By Alvira Diwan Self-esteem means having confidence in one's own worth or abilities and having self-respect. A child’s self-esteem begins to form very early and continues being created day by day.

How To Improve Academic Performance In Children? - Written By Alvira Diwan Every parent wants their children to excel in every field they step in. As parents, you try your best to instil good values and morals in your children. Instilling

What Can You Do As Parents, To Fight Peer Pressure In Childhood? - Written By Alvira Diwan How often has your child asked you for something his friends have? Or to do the things they do? When they want to join

How To Develop A Reading Habit In Your Child? - Written By Alvira Diwan Reading helps a great deal in building your confidence, reduces the stress and puts you in a better mood.

How To Raise A Troubled Teenager- Adolescent Parenting! - Written By Alvira Diwan While parenting itself is a great responsibility, parenthood in adolescent age needs special attention.

Parenting & It's Effects On Early Childhood - Written By Alvira Diwan Early childhood is the most important phase of a human life. It is defined as the period from birth to eight years old. It is a time of remarkable

Focus On Your Child's Strengths Not Weaknesses - Written By Alvira Diwan Children are unique in terms of personality and nature, so it wouldn't be wrong to say that they have the most original way of presenting themselves. They don't care

Making Mistakes As Parents - Written By Alvira Diwan There is no science behind the right way of parenting. There ain't any process to follow which will be absolutely correct.Psychology teaches you about child rearing and behaviors but it is not