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2022 Closet Lighting Trends: The Smart Lighting Ideas To Lighten & Brighten Your Closet Space! A closet or wardrobe isn't perfect if it doesn't have good lighting. A well-lit closet doesn't only look good, but it also allows you to see

2022 Bedroom Trends: The Latest Trends For The Most Intimate Room! Your bedroom is the most intimate room in your home! This personal space is where you get to relax and recuperate & let's be honest you don't just want

Gazebos & Pergolas: Upgrade Your Garden Today! Who doesn't wish for an outdoor space to be as inviting and attractive as their home? With the perfect elegant outdoor structure be it a gazebo or a pergola, you can transform your outdoor

4 Popular Colour Trends Of 2022 To Look Out For! Undeniably, the last 2 years have been nothing short of crazy! Hence designers have carefully opted for colour options that will brighten our homes and moods. So let's dive in and

Make Your Home Sparkle This Christmas Using Our Amazing Tips! Just a few days before Christmas and if you're home isn't already sparkling here are 11 tips you can use to make your home sparkle this Christmas! After all, Christmas is

How To Maximize Your Kitchen Storage In 5 Ways The kitchen is where all your delicious meals are prepared and it's for this reason that it is the heart of your home, it, therefore, doesn't only need to look appealing to

How To Keep Your Garden Pest-Free! Landscaping, an art, is used to beautify any garden by adding ornamental features, planting trees or shrubs. However, tonnes of money is spent on landscaping & then on the maintenance of the garden to keep

Transform Your Bathroom With These Amazing Bathroom Ideas! Just like any other space in your home, your bathroom too should be welcoming as well as relaxing, decorated to perfection but not at the cost of its functionality. You don't need a

Add A Touch Of Wood To Your Kitchen To Boost Its Character! By incorporating wood into your kitchens, you not only bring instant warmth but also add style to your kitchen, boosting its character. Many kitchens have a woody component whether

Storage Ideas For Your Home No matter how big or small your home is, there's always that issue of running out of space! So whether you are looking for storage ideas for your kitchen for example or clutter organizing solutions for

Picking The Correct Kitchen Cabinetry Design For Your Kitchen! When it comes to renovating or designing a kitchen, the cabinet design by far, is the most important choice you will need to make. Your cabinet design choice will determine how well

How To Get The Perfectly Organised Laundry Area That Is Not Only Functional But Also Looks Attractive! The laundry area or laundry room is thought to be the dirtiest place in the house where the daily mundane chores are carried out

10 Top Picks For Living Room Decor Ideas Are you looking to redefine your living room? Whether your living room is open-plan, expansive, or compact we have elegant, classic and contemporary schemes which include a variety of styles, colour schemes and

Top 4 Entryway Ideas For Apartments Apartments are usually small compact spaces with entryways that may lack space and/or light, however, that isn't an excuse for not having a splendid entryway. Remember, an entryway is the first space that a guest

Top 6 Kitchen Island Ideas! The kitchen is definitely the heart of your home and kitchen islands have become an integral part of the large open plan kitchen designs. There are various options to pick from to suit your open plan

7 Lighting Trends For A Bright & Beautiful Bedroom! A bedroom doesn't have to be just a room used as a sleeping space. It's a personal space and it should be stylish and can be used for reading and relaxing. Lighting

5 Garden Storage Ideas To Keep Your Space Organised! Does Your backyard look and feel cluttered and messy? If you are looking for garden storage ideas, perhaps a shed or other clever storage solutions might be a good idea. Below are

Make Your Own Kitchen Garden Using 4 Easy Tips! What's better than having your own daily supply of fresh herbs and veggies right in your kitchen? The good thing about having your own kitchen garden is that you don't need a

Spice Up Your Bedroom With One Of Our Top 5 Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas! Your bedroom is your private space and the coziest room in the whole house, where you get to relax, unwind and recharge. An ideal bedroom should not

4 Floating Shelf Ideas Just For You! Floating shelves are modern, sleek, and perfect to enhance your home decor. They are trendy, super chic, and most of all functional when it comes to storage and displaying your favourite & most

7 Trendy Ottomans That Can Transform Any Room The modern ottoman is the most versatile piece of furniture that is found in modern chic homes! Versatile because it has so many uses, one can sit on it, rest their feet on

5 Gardening Tools That Every Gardener Must Have When Gardening! With a lot of time spent indoors these days, have you turned to gardening so you can escape the mundane chores, & enjoy time as well as that fresh air? Is

5 Uses Of Baking Soda In Your Garden! Baking soda also known as sodium bicarbonate is commonly found in the kitchen as it is used in baking and cooking, but did you know this could be used in your garden? This

8 Patio Ideas That Will Inspire You If you are looking for some patio inspiration you have come to the right place! Everyone needs a space to relax and enjoy some fresh air. Irrespective of the size of the space,

Top 5 Lighting Trends For Your Home It goes unsaid, that lighting is the most important factor when designing any space in your home. The choice of the lighting determines and sets the feel and look of that particular room. It

Top 4 2021 Bedroom Trends There's no denying that your bedroom is the most sacred space in your home where you get to relax and recuperate. The tones used previously were more subtle but this year people are opting for more

Top 6 Interior Designs for 2021: 2020 was a difficult year for all as a lot of time was spent at home but it did show us the importance of a having a home and has made us appreciate our homes

What 2021 Bathrooms Are All About! Looking to have a perfect modern bathroom, that is not just relaxing but screams luxury, without breaking your bank or losing its functionality? We will tell you everything you need to know from colours

What 2021 Kitchens Are All About!- The Top 8 Kitchen Trends The kitchen is the heart of your home where all tasty meals are prepared and it has become perhaps the most multifunctional and used room in almost every home. It's

Decorate Your Home With The Latest Curtain Trends This 2021! A curtain is no longer used just to keep the light out or prevent passersby to look into your window. Getting the perfect curtain for your home is a whole new

You are in Control, Wherever you are! Are you looking for Smart homes automation systems in Kenya? Look no further. Whether you need a Wired or Wireless automation system, or in the construction phase, or upgrading your current home to

Buying Sofa Guide: 5 Tips To Choosing The Best Sofa For Your Home- Like everything else in this era of endless choice, there seem to be infinite options when it comes to choosing a sofa. You might think you know

The Perfect Kids' Room Design, Just 4 Tips Away! Designing your child's room isn't as easy as it seems. There's a lot of thought & work that goes in, from the colour scheme to the decor. This is, however, the most

4 Tips To Maximize Your Bedroom Space Your bedroom may be smaller in size but it doesn't have to appear or feel small! Employ these simple interior design tricks below and make your bedroom feel more spacious than it is! All

BRANDDECOR FURNITURE We believe a good atmosphere is everything as we deliver unique, elegant, and classy bedroom furniture designs using the best materials. Life is all about beautiful transformations, we don't mind going out of our way to spruce up

At BRANDDECOR FURNITURE We believe good atmosphere is everything as we deliver unique, elegant and classy furniture designs using the best materials.

The long waited ENDURANCE Quick-Step original laminate flooring is set out to hit the market in Kenya in April. This collection has been at the forefront of new technologies and efforts implemented by Quick-Step to create a perfect balance between

Looking For Baby & Toddler Room Furniture? Transform Your Little One's Room Today! If you are looking for quality furniture for your little one's room, Sapna Baby World has the most unique designs for you to pick from. All the

Eggciting Easter Offer On Toddler Beds Transform Your Little One's Room Today With These Discounted Beds! This Easter, Sapna Baby World has an eggciting Easter offer for you. The toddler beds are discounted from Kshs 30,000/- to Kshs 28,000/- & you have

Looking to spend more time outdoors this year? It’s a lot more enjoyable when you have a space you love spending time in. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of patio ideas and tips to help you transform your outdoor

Buying Sofa Guide: 5 Tips To Choosing The Best Sofa For Your Home- Like everything else in this era of endless choice, there seem to be infinite options when it comes to choosing a sofa. You might think you know

Transform Your House Into A Home- The proponent of biophilic design E.O Wilson.” Human beings have an innate attraction and connection with nature and strive to emulate it in everyday life”.

Decomagna, ELEGANT HOME CONCEPTS- Discover The Latest Flooring Trends In Kenya With Original Quick-Step And IVC Products. Decomagna ltd has been at the forefront of the flooring industry in Kenya over the last five years, as direct agents to the

6 Décor Tips for your bedroom- Your bedroom is where you rest and recharge after a long, hectic day, so there's no reason why you wouldn't want it to feel like a retreat. With a few simple decor upgrades —

Shop our Valentine’s Day Sale and find the best prices on gifts for someone special. Whether you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts for him or gifts for her, you’ll fall in love with our wide selection of decorative furniture and

Home Office Ideas: Working From Home In Style! With the latest "working from home" trend, home offices have become increasingly popular & for this reason, it's time you transform your working space with some great office ideas. Despite the pandemic,

Hudson Furnishing - We Offer Professional And Creative Expert Services And Affordable Quality Products For Interior Space Decor And Design Transformation Or Adaptation.

Hudson Furnishing - Sofas- The first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about buying living furniture is usually what colour to pick. It's usually the single biggest factor in fabric selection. But while colour is important, other

Are you buying new furniture for your own master bedroom, a child’s room, or a teen’s bedroom? Consider the personality of the room's primary occupant. Reflect the room's occupant in the theme, colour, scheme, and furniture choices. These are the

Hudson Furnishing - Sofas- The first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about buying living furniture is usually what colour to pick. It's usually the single biggest factor in fabric selection. But while colour is important, other

Hudson Furnishing is actually the place to be for all your needs in interior design and furniture. We are focused and passionate about selling high-quality furniture and accessories to our customers, at pocket-friendly prices. We have unique and customized designs

No one can deny that shopping for furniture in a physical store is pretty satisfying

The Place Where 'A House' Is Transformed Into 'Your Home - Hudson Furniture Brings To You The Sale Of The Year! BLACK FRIDAY Special Offers On Customized Furniture, Interior Design & Decor Services

Sick Of The Old Boring Designs, Do You Want A Fresh New Look To Your Home? Hudson Furnishing is an interior design firm that specializes in helping busy professional make their homes oases of relaxation. Our gifted artisans are well

Hudson Furnishing - The Place Where 'A House' Is Transformed Into 'Your Home' Who Are We? Hudson Furnishing is an interior design firm that specializes in helping busy professional make their homes oases of relaxation. Our gifted artisans are well

Paulsa Bins Limited 'Garbage In, Garbage Out' Paulsa Bins Ltd is a locally registered company founded on 1st April 2017, specializing in providing environmental services with a view to being a leading player in the industry. It is located in Dagoreti Waithaka.

Custom-made Ankara Frames These beautiful custom-made Ankara frames are created by a young lady who goes by the name Faith Wanjiru. Each frame is made with love and is unique. They come in 3 different sizes A2, A3 & A5 &

Your Perfect Nursery Design, Just 7 Tips Away! Preparing to welcome your baby can be extremely nerve-wracking for all new parents! However, it can also be fun & exciting. A baby room or a nursery is something every parent wishes to

7 Guest Bathroom Essentials To Transform Your Ordinary Bathroom Into A Luxurious Spa Retreat! Having guests over? Concerned that your guest bathroom may not be appealing enough? Don't worry we have the list of Spa-like items that will not only transform

5 Eid al-Adha Decorating Tips! Eid al-Adha, also known as Eid Qurban in Arabic, is a second religious celebration that is celebrated by Muslims worldwide every year. This Eid is in honour of the sacrifice that was made by Prophet Ibrahim

4 Ways To Keep Your Sterling Silver Sparkly Sterling silver is expensive but gorgeous & we all have silverware or silver jewellery that we absolutely love to show off! However this comes with a price. The sterling silver can easily get

5 Ideas On How To Create Your Indoor Garden Are you a nature lover? Do you desire a garden but are not sure as you live in an apartment and lack a huge terrace or a patio? Indoor gardens are very

Working From Home: How To Set-Up Your Home For A Zoom Meeting? With the current COVID-19 crisis a lot of things have changed. One of the things is that we now work most of the time from our homes, conducting online

Baby Proofing Your Home - Keeping Your Child Safe! If you have an infant who is still not crawling but is about to get to that stage you need to make sure you have started baby proofing your home. Below is

Decorate Your Home With A Mirror - It's Time To Reflect! For years mirrors have been used by interior designers to beautify & create a stunning illusion in any room or corner of your home, be it the bathroom, hall, entryway

Why Pick Marble For Your Kitchen Countertop! When it comes to picking a perfect countertop for your kitchen, marble has always been on top of the list! Most homeowners opt for white marble for their kitchen countertop, as it looks sleek,

4 Popular Colour Trends Of 2020 We have our list of top 4 colour trends that are a huge hit this 2020. Mostly powder shades to dark grey have made it to the list. To find out more keep reading and

5 Tips To Decorate Your Home For Eid! Eid-ul-Fitr is a religious celebration that marks the end of Ramadan. It is celebrated by Muslims worldwide which typically begins with the special prayer 'Eid Namaz' after which Muslims hug each other wishing

Home Office Designs: Working From Home In Style! Working from your home can be inspirational, provided it is aesthetically pleasing. Remember your flow of creativity should be inspired in your home office allowing you to enjoy & focus on getting the

6 Ways To Keep Your Flowers Fresh For Long! Who doesn't love fresh flowers? Fresh flowers add freshness to the home & scream elegance! They don't only make your home look & smell pretty but they also help reduce stress levels

How To Clean Your Vegetables & Fruits So in case, you have been wondering have I been cleaning my veggies and fruits correctly before consumption whether you have OCD or whether you are one of those who don't care now is

HOW TO CREATE A CHIC AND PRODUCTIVE HOME OFFICE SPACE by MABEL  Here are a few tips on how to easily and affordably bring form, function and fun to your home office space.

5 Reading Nook Ideas You Are Certain To Fall In Love With! Are you a bookworm? Wouldn't you love the idea of disappearing in a peaceful reading nook, where no one can get between you and your book? If your answers

How To Decorate Your Home For Easter! Even though globally we are all celebrating Easter indoors, it doesn't mean it's got to be a dull & boring Easter! We have some fun ideas to get you into the Easter spirit! Check

How To Keep Your Room Organised & Uncluttered! Who doesn't love a clean & organised bedroom? Your bedroom can look pretty messy, especially if you have a lot of things and if the room isn't big enough to accommodate for all

4 Easy Vegetables To Grow At Home Did you know you can grow some of your own vegetables at home in pots or containers without any hassle? After all who doesn't like fresh produce! Try these 4 easy vegetables today!!

8 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Standout - Let's Check Out The Top 2020 Bathroom Trends! It's not difficult to plan your dream bathroom this 2020, as a luxurious bathroom can be achieved through proper planning and execution. We will tell

8 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look Large & Spacious Who hasn't dreamt of having a large, luxurious bathroom? Well, we all have at some stage, but reality may be different. However, who said you can't have a large bathroom?

7 Tips To Decorate Your Bedroom This Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's Day to all you couples out there! If you and your partner have decided to snuggle in this Valentine's Day, then read this section to find out how you can

9 Tips On How To Achieve A Perfect Floral Arrangement For Your Home! Why not bring your garden inside your home? A fresh floral arrangement in a container be it a vase or a glass, sitting on your table be it

4 Ways To Keep Your Closet Smelling Amazing! Let's be honest no one likes a smelly closet as it just makes your clothes and all the contents of the closet reek! However, we have got good news. Below are the 4

Begin The Year by Decluttering Your Home There's no place like home, your home is your haven, your sanctuary a place where you spend most of your time! What better way to begin the year than by decluttering your home?

Decomagna Ltd- The single biggest change someone can make in their house is flooring

Make Your Home Sparkle With A Touch Of Gold! Want your home to stand out? How about adding a touch of gold! You can make your place sparkle with a dash of gold from gold-toned lightings to golden accents! Keep reading

Flooring Types For Your Home: The 6 Popular Types! Flooring is permanent covering for the floor that can be costly to install as well as maintain. Hence when choosing from standard flooring types you should always factor in the cost, appearance

4 Top Picks For 2019 Bathroom Designs If you are looking for the latest bathroom designs for your home, look no further! This 2019 you will be surprised by the immaculate designs that will take your breath away! Long gone are

Swinging & Rocking Chairs- Do You Prefer To Rock Or Swing? Swinging chairs and rocking chairs are beautiful pieces that you can add to your home furniture! However, you don't want to just pick something that stands out aesthetically. You want

Top 3 Dining Area Designs- Modern, Country Style & Scandinavian The dining area is the heart of many homes as it is the area where guests are hosted and family meals are shared! When designing your dining area keep in mind

The 6 Most Sought After Main Door Designs Your main door is the window to your home just as the eye is the window to the soul. It is the first thing people notice as they enter your abode & is,

What 2019 Dream Kitchens Are All About!- The Top 4 Kitchen Design Trends Planning your dream kitchen? Remember the kitchen is where all your delicious meals are prepared and it's for this reason that it is the heart of your home,