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23 Apr, 2021
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Adopt A Pet This Ramadan - An Act Of Kindness Kindness is a fundamental part of Islam & it's not just towards fellow humans but this applies to pets & animals as well. In Islam, even animals are considered worthy of

Pet-Proofing Your Home Most pet owners will go the extra mile to ensure their furbaby is happy and healthy. When planning on adopting a furbaby any pet owner will tell you that the first thing you need to do is pet-proof

What's Better Than A Pet This Easter? This Easter why not adopt a cuddly friend? They're cute, lovable and will be a great addition to your family! So what's better than adopting a pet this Easter?Hit The Button Below &

Fruits & Vegetables Your Pets Can Eat Safely It's a no brainer that cats & dogs are carnivores, but did you know you can include some fruits and vegetables as part of their healthy diet, that not only make a good

Picking The Right Pet - Things To Consider Before Adopting A Pet! Pets are amazing to have but they come with lots of responsibility and require an adequate amount of time, love and care. Every person who is obsessed with adopting

4 Signs To Never Ignore In Pets If you have a pet & know your pet well & have a good relation with your fur child, your pet will give you signs or indicators when something is wrong. Even though pets

11 Tips On How To Keep Your Pet Healthy & Happy Having a pet can be fun and exciting but at the same time, taking proper care of your pet & making sure it is healthy & happy can be

The Physical and Emotional Health Benefits of Having a Pet Many of us are already dog and cat lovers, we may even have a bird, or a hamster sharing our house. In these trying times, it’s important to understand there

What's Better Than A Pet This Valentine's? Single or not, a furry friend will make a PAWESOME Valentine's Day gift. They're cute, lovable and will brighten your life any day! So what's better than adopting a pet this Valentine's? SO are

The Importance Of Good Oral Health In Cats - Written by Dr. Desmond Cats are social animals and their oral hygiene is one of the most important aspects of their life. Keeping your cat's teeth clean, not only keep their breath

Want To Adopt? Many a time you may have heard the terms fostering and adopting being used interchangeably. But did you know these two terms are very different! Fostering is the temporary arrangement whereby you bring in a fur baby into

Why Adopt A Cat? Cats were considered gods by the ancient Egyptians & now we know why! Well, ask any cat owner and they will jokingly tell you when you adopt one, know that you are owned and not the

Things You Should NEVER Feed Your Cat - Written by Dr. Desmond What You Feed You Cat May Be A Health Hazard! Cats are picky eaters and tend to know what's best for them. But sometimes what they chose to

Tribute To Our Angel Mao - R.I.E.P Baby Boy Until We Meet Again! Mao our angel left us on Friday the 2nd of October at around 4 am to join the angels above. For all those who were privileged enough to

The Weaning Process In Kittens - Written by Dr. Desmond Weaning is the process of transitioning from mother's milk to solid food. This is usually done by the mother cat. It is the state where the kittens progress from dependence to

A PHOTO SESSION FOR YOUR FURRY FRIENDS WITH  SANTA PAWS AT TNR TRUST Book a spot today so your furry friend can have a picture taken with Santa Paws for a very small fee. The monies go towards the TNR

Your Guide To Dog Shedding: When To Worry? - Written by Dr. Desmond Dogs shed their fur daily and all year round. However, excessive shedding is an indication of an underlying condition and usually calls for immediate veterinary attention and care.

What Is Aflatoxin Poisoning? - Written by Dr. Desmond Aflatoxin poisoning or Aflatoxicosis is a sudden or long-term illness in animals which occurs from ingestion of contaminated foods from moulds.

TNR TRUST (TRAP, NEUTER & RELEASE) TNR Trust was founded by Amy L. Rapp along with a group of 3 Kenyan trustees and registered as a Kenyan Trust in December 2015. TNR immediately started to fundraise for the mobile veterinary clinic,

The Dawn of Puppy Season- As predicted, puppy season is here along with the rains, combined with COVID-19 still being a threat has resulted in hotels, butcheries and restaurants closed. The community-owned and free-roaming dogs and cats are having a

ENTER THE TNR PHOTOPAWS CONTEST- Now we have time on our hands, dust off those old images or get that fab photo of your 4-legged (or 2-legged) friends and enter our TNR PhotoPaws Contest. All pets are eligible: old, young,

The Looming Dog/Cat Problem- Covid-19 is causing changes in the lives of people and animals. So many tea stalls, kiosks and even big hotels have closed down, there is much less food for scavenging, roaming, community-owned dogs and cats. If

What kind of food you choose to feed your cat or dog is an important decision. Just like humans, quality and quantity of food can affect your pet's health and well-being. Finding healthy options to fit your budget and your

TLC Pet Food- Spoil Your Pet This Valentine's Day. Pet food bills can really add up, especially if you don't want to compromise on quality. To be sure you get the best deals for your fur babies we are giving