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JUMPSUITS - FASHION TIPS BY H&S Planning to put an outfit together but just can't seem to get the top and bottom to match? Or are you thinking of what to wear next on your date? Well, you don't have to

Ladies, It's Time To Bring Out Your Swimwear! Ladies, it's summertime and that means time to flaunt your swimwear! Keep scrolling to discover what made it to H&S top 5 recommended swimwear, as you embrace the summer in your choice of

6 Tips On How To Dress Appropriately For An Interview- By H&S 'First impression is the last impression' a phrase commonly used by many. However this phrase is important when it comes to job interviews & it is therefore advisable to

Top 3 Shoe Trends - H&S Fashion For Her Shoes have always been a guilty shopping pleasure, especially for women! The pandemic hasn't been able to put a halt on fashion and it should certainly not stop you from indulging in

2021 Top 6 Handbag Trends - H&S Tips For Her Behind every successful woman is a fabulous handbag!! From leather totes to structured circular bags, just to name a couple, 2021 has some trendy handbags for every woman!

Gentlemen, It's Time To Bring Out Your Swimwear! It's summertime and that means time to hit the pool or the beach! Keep scrolling to discover what made it to H&S top 5 recommended swimwear, as you embrace the summer in your

Jewellery Pieces & How To Wear Them- By H&S Jewellery is a timeless investment and every man and woman should invest in jewellery! Fashion trends evolve over years and what might be in, this season may not be in the next

Christmas Party Dresses To Go For This Christmas - FASHION TIPS BY H&S Guess what this year Christmas just got hotter! With a few days to Christmas and whilst you are struggling to pick that special Christmas party dress this Christmas,

2020 Top 6 Handbag Trends - H&S Tips For Her Behind every successful woman is a fabulous handbag!! From oversized totes to fancy chain embellished bags, to name a couple, 2020 has some trendy handbags that every woman must own!

2020 Top 6 Fashion Trends For Women Over 40 - H&S Tips For Him & Her Mother's Day is around the corner and so it was only fitting to cover the top 6 fashion trends for women over 40. It doesn't

Sleepwear- What You Should Wear In Bed By H&S Fashion Guide Going to bed? Want to know what is in, when it comes to sleepwear? Read on to find out what made it to the H&S top 4 Sleepwear List!

Are You Ready To Hit The Beach & Rock Your Beachwear With H&S This summer make sure you make the most of it and hit the beach! Although this article is targeted to beachwear, you can use the same advice for

Ladies, Are You Ready To Go Nude With H&S Fashion? This year, make sure you make the most by getting nude! In case you haven't as yet figured out, we are talking about the evergreen or rather the 'evernude' colour! From

Top 4, 2020 Jewellery Trends For Women By H&S Magazine Jewellery transforms any outfit from mundane to extraordinaire! This year, there's 4 top pieces of jewellery that will make you stand out from the crowd. After all, no outfit is complete

H&S 2020 Winter Outerwear Trends For Her We are moving towards colder weather & so we have prepared our top list of winter outerwear that are fashionable this 2020 thus making them wardrobe-worthy! This 2020 is all about loose-fitting, straight-cut jackets,

Long gone are the days when eyeglasses used to be mundane & worn for a purpose! Spectacles these days are a fashion statement and have evolved in the fashion industry over the years! We are going to tell you how

4 Favourite Bathrobes For Women To Pick This 2020 Imagine slipping into a soft & cosy bathrobe right after a long tiring day. Bathrobes are not just for the hotels, you can add a little bit of luxury at home by

H&S 2020 Denim Trends For Her This year denim has taken a huge U-turn in the Fashion world! What used to be in is no longer trendy this 2020. That's right let's bid farewell to those skinny jeans, mini denim skirts

Pauline's Message: 'Empowering A Woman Is Empowering A Society' One day I got tired of living as a 'Shadow' and made up my mind to take up spaces and be the voice of young women living in the slums. Growing up

6 Tips To Keep Your Closet Smelling Fresh, Organised & Uncluttered- By H&S Looking for your favourite outfit but unable to find it in your closet? Ever wondered that you have so many clothes yet you can't find anything to wear?

4 WINTER WEDDING DRESSING STYLES FOR HIM & HER - FASHION TIPS BY H&S Have a winter wedding to go to? Wondering what's in this 2019? Check out our list as we take you through our top 4 picks for him

4 Different Umbrellas For The Rainy Season- By H&S Since the rains have arrived bringing with it the cold weather, it is time to pull out your umbrellas! So which umbrella do you prefer?

Dress According To His Astrological Sign & Get Noticed This 2019 Dating a man or planning to find one? Here's an interesting read on what you can wear on your date, depending on what his star sign is to get him

5 Looks For The 2019 Winter- By H&S Finally we bid farewell to the summer as we embrace winter! We have picked 4 different winter looks that look sassy, chic, cute & sexy for men & women! Keep reading this section

? 3 Summer Shoes For Men & Women ? The 3 summer shoes are all time favourites & if you want to learn what's trending then keep reading this section to find out more!

7 Beautiful Necklaces For Women By H&S Magazine Necklaces are a piece of jewellery that transform your outfit from mundane to extraordinaire! We will help you find a perfect necklace & help you stand out, be whatever your outfit! This 2019

5 Best Swimwear For Women By H&S Magazine Ladies the 2019 summer is cruel and what better way to cool off then in your bathing suit? Check out H&S recommended swimwear for all you ladies out there! You can now purchase

6 Valentine's Day Outfits For The Matching Couple In ❤️ It's Valentine's Day and what better way to celebrate your love? Today all couples will be celebrating their love by going out to a restaurant, a beach or on an adventure, so

6 Valentine's Day Outfits For Her Valentine's Day is exactly a week away & if you haven't as yet picked your perfect outfit for Valentine's, then now is the time to start picking what you want to wear! It's a no-brainer

? Your 2019 Summer Fashion Guide By H&S ? Hello Summer! This is the most awaited time for most. It's the time to pull out & flaunt all our 'hot stuff'! So are you ready to see what's hot this 2019?

What To Wear At A Cocktail- H&S Tips For Him & Her Invited to a cocktail & wondering what to wear?  Fret not, H&S Fashion Guide will help you select your perfect cocktail attire!

What To Wear This Christmas- H&S Tips For Him & Her Hurrah Christmas is around the corner and we have begun the countdown! As you anxiously await Christmas, you're number one concern usually is what to wear at the party? How

How To Wear Denim- H&S Tips For Him & Her Who thought denim was synonymous with jeans only? Did you just nod? Well guess what we are about to show you how denim can be used & worn to make a

Classy Shoe Trends 2018- H&S Tips For Him & Her Shoes have always been the guilty shopping pleasure not just for women but also for men! The type of shoes you wear speaks volumes about your personality and style! H&S Fashion

Cool Summer Date Styles For The Daytime & Evening By H&S Fashion Guide Summer is here and and you are wondering how to embrace this summer with open arms & what to wear on your hot date? Read on to find

6 Ways To Brighten Your Winter By H&S Brighten your winter wear! Who said winter clothing has to be dull & boring? H&S Fashion has some interesting tips on how to brighten your winter wear & look smart & sexy!

2018 Accessories That Every Man & Woman Must Have- By H&S  Accessories are by far the best part of any outfit & can enhance your look, making you stand out from the crowd! If you have never considered investing in accessories