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21 Jan, 2021
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4 Jewellery Pieces For Him & Her By H&S

Jewellery Pieces & How To Wear Them- By H&S

Jewellery is a timeless investment and every man and woman should invest in jewellery! Fashion trends evolve over years and what might be in, this season may not be in the next season. Jewellery trends tend to outlive fashion trends! Regardless the season your jewellery piece will dazzle and stand out! In the last article we just brushed the bling section, however in this article we will discuss the 4 jewellery pieces for him and her and how to wear them.

4 Recommended Pieces Of Jewellery For Him

Men’s jewellery should be simple, minimalist and should match the outfit as much as possible. It is better to invest in good quality jewellery even if it is expensive as it will last longer. As mentioned jewellery trends outlive fashion trends and can be repeated season after season!

man jewellery1. Bracelet- Pick a bracelet that goes well with your watch. The trend is to wear matching bracelets with your watch, even if the two aren’t worn together on the same wrist. This will give you a classy and refined look!

2. Chains- A single, thick chain is what looks masculine, we hence recommend that you invest in a thick, flat or linked gold or silver chain that can be worn with t-shirts and jeans.

3. Rings- Silver or gold rings are something most men love investing in. Whatever you pick, just make sure it suits your personality and compliments what you are wearing. Usually avoid wearing flashy rings with business attire.

4. Earrings- Men these days love wearing earrings. If earrings is your thing, make sure you wear a small, single, simple, plain stud.


4 Recommended Pieces Of Jewellery For Her

Women have been wearing jewellery for centuries & unlike men they have no restrictions in terms of how simple the jewellery piece should be. Whatever you wear, wear it with style and carry it with confidence, after all you can’t go wrong with jewellery! Invest in good quality jewellery as it will last you a long time.

woman jewellery1. Bracelets or Bangles- Pick a bracelet or bangle which stands out. A charm bracelet is very trendy and can be worn at work or party!

2. Necklaces- A layered necklace or a simple, delicate chain with a pendant can be worn casually over a t-shirt without getting obviously noticed. On the other hand if you want to make a statement then invest in a statement necklace that is chunkier, bolder and will add dazzle and depth to any outfit.

3. Rings- Choose from fine rings to statement rings depending on what you wear & where you wear!

4. Earrings- Choose earrings that suit your face. Invest in the classic diamond studs as they go with every outfit. However if you love long dangling earrings, pick a stylish pair that are delicate and not too heavy, that can be worn all day long!

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