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11 Apr, 2024
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H&S Work Place Dress Tips For Him & Her

How To Look Smart & Classy At Work-By H&S

At work, whatever the company, it is always safer to be dressed in a respectful manner i.e. dress conservatively and refrain from wearing casual weekend attire! Whatever industry you are in make sure you dress consistently in a similar style, rather than showing up in rags or a funky dress style, because remember consistency goes a long way and portrays professionalism. Below are our favourite work dress tips by H&S for Him & Her!


For Her– Apart from owing a few smart tailored suits which every businesswoman has as her staple formal work attire, it is imperative that she also owns a number of dress pants in different neutral colours such as grey, black, navy & brown. The dress pants should preferably have a bootleg cut. They can be dressed up or down from formal to semi-formal, mixed and matched with a number of smart tops in white, navy, black , grey etc. They can also be paired with a sweater in winter or a blazer another essential piece of work attire! Another essential piece to invest in is the bodysuit. Again invest in decent full sleeve, high neck body suits in neutral colours. Bodysuits are not just flattering but have replaced tops as they look smarter when combined with a pencil skirt or dress pants and can be worn with or without a blazer. Make sure to have crisp cotton shirts in white and neutral shades as well as turtle necks in your wardrobe especially in black. Cardigan twin sets are another must have- this matched with dress pants is great for winter office wear.

For accessories, elegant silk scarves, not too bold in colours, are a good investment for the working woman. You can also add on jewellery to the accessories list however keep in mind for work attire less is more.

For the footwear you can wear heels- pointed heels, pumps or a pair of smart loafers.


For Him– Apart from the smart formal suits, every businessman should own a pair of formal trousers in neutral shades of black, grey, brown and navy. These trousers can be paired with crisp cotton plain shirts in white, black, navy as well as striped shirts. Black, navy or dark grey Blazer is also a smart piece to owe, which can be paired with khakis or dark wool pants and are an ideal pick for meetings or presentations. A smarter alternative to the khakis are the corduroys which can be worn in winter with a smart sweater or blazer.

For accessories every gentleman should have a variety of ties again in neutral shades as well as stripes to match with the plain buttoned smart shirts.

For shoes Oxfords & loafers in brown or black are the best choice for looking professional.


Keep reading this section as we share with you our favourite fashion trends & styles!- H&S Fashion Tips