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12 Jun, 2024
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3 Shoes To Wear This Summer – H&S Fashion Tips For Him & Her

3 Shoes To Wear This Summer – H&S Fashion Tips For Him & Her

? 3 Summer Shoes For Men & Women ?

The 3 summer shoes are all time favourites & if you want to learn what’s trending then keep reading this section to find out more!

3 Summer Shoes For Women

1. Funky Tie On Sandals

This vibrant pair of sandals are trending this summer! You can wear these with your jeans, or even your shorts and a simple white tee!

2. Sparkly Sneakers

This cute pair of sparkly sneakers is a perfect pair to own this summer! You can wear them with denim or even a white summer dress!

3. Beige Braided Sandals

These braided sandals made of canvas/jute material are perfect to wear during summer. They’re elegant & can be worn on dates during the daytime.


3 Summer Trends For Men

1. Strap On Sandals

The strap on sandals look classy & can be worn with khakis, shorts & even denim!

2. Vibrant Sneakers

Make a statement by wearing a pair of vibrant sneakers this summer! They can be worn with shorts or a pair of jeans with a white t-shirt.

3. Coloured Loafers

Choose a pair of bright coloured loafers such as red & stand out this summer! Loafers are smart and can be worn with a white shirt with rolled up sleeves and a pair of linen trousers.




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