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21 Jun, 2024
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Let’s Demonize Oops DENIMIZE Your World! By H&S Fashion Guide

How To Wear Denim- H&S Tips For Him & Her

Who thought denim was synonymous with jeans only? Did you just nod? Well guess what we are about to show you how denim can be used & worn to make a statement in the fashion world!

denim wearFor Her

Ladies, denim can be used from accessories to jackets to footwear you name it! 

1. Denim Jacket- Ladies, a denim jacket is the new wardrobe essential! This statement piece can be worn over anything as it complements any outfit adding that timeless twist to your outfit!

2. Denim Dresses- Be it bodycon dresses or button up shirt dresses there is a variety to choose from! Our favourite is the ‘off-the-shoulder’ denim dress! It’s perfect for the summer especially when worn with a pair of white sneakers!

3. Denim Accessories- From Earrings, to cuff bracelets to clips & headbands to purses & bags, when it comes to denim there is so much to pick from! Our favourite is the denim feather earrings, that’s right-you can even make your own pair with an old pair of jeans!

3. Denim Footwear- Again there’s a variety to pick from! You can have denim sneakers, flat denim shoes to fancy denim heels!


denim wearFor Him

Men, there’s no need to feel left behind! You have a lot to choose from when it comes to denim from accessories to jackets to shirts to shoes!

1. Denim Jacket- Men, a denim jacket should be a staple in your closets without a say! You can rock in your denim jacket on any day! For a smart casual look wear your denim jacket with a pair of chinos and desert boots!

2. Denim Shirts- Denim shirts are the latest menswear staple for all seasons! Men make sure you owe a denim shirt if you want to look stylish!

3. Denim Accessories- From cufflinks to denim bags to denim ties to denim caps to denim belts there’s just so much for men to choose from! Our favourite has to be the denim cufflinks!

3. Denim Shoes- Denim sneakers a favourite of most men however we recommend to invest in a pair of denim loafers if you wish to stand out in a crowd!






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