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18 Apr, 2024
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How To Dress When You Hit Your 40’s! By H&S Fashion Guide

Welcome Your 40’s With Style & Glam- H&S Tips For Him & Her

Did you just turn the big 4-0 & now you think your fashion days are over? Who said 40’s have to be boring? Here’s the deal, if you’ve just turned 40, embrace it with style! Dress in whatever way you like and style that suits you, just as long as you don’t dress like a teenager you are okay! 

For Her

Ladies, Congratulations On Entering The 40’s! 

1. Know Your Style & Own Your Style- Ladies, don’t let anyone determine what looks good or bad on you! You know your body the best, so go with what you feel suits your body as well as represents your personality!

2. Invest In Some Good Quality Clothes- Remember quality over quantity always! A beautiful dress, a long coat, a nice blazer, a nice pair of fitting jeans are some of the clothes you should consider investing in!

3. Mix & Match- Your wardrobe will have a lot of designer and non-designer clothes & nothing should stop you from mixing and matching these to recreate your own style!

3. Don’t Just Follow A Trend, Be The Trend-Setter- Just because there is something out there in the fashion world trending and ready to be bought by one and all, doesn’t mean you jump at it! Evaluate, not every trend out there will necessary match your taste or even your personality for that matter! If it looks like trash then it is trash! Instead be bold, experiment and be the trend-setter!

4. Accessorize!- You are 40 not dead, stop dressing like your life just ended! Be fashionable & make use of the belts, hats, jewellery to add life to your outfit, making you look chic & stunning!

5. Underneath It All Is What Makes The Difference- If you feel you need to hide the bulges, don’t be ashamed of using the shapewears or corsets to help shape your figure! Also remember to choose a good bra with an underwire to keep them bosoms in place & shape!

6. Pretty Feet Vs Swollen, Painful Feet- Ladies if you can’t wear the stilettos then ditch them! Go for comfortable footwear instead. If you love the heels opt for platform heels or wedges instead!

The 3 Absolute No-No’s- 

1. Avoid Minis! Ladies please stick to knee lengths and above knee lengths, unless you have a figure of a model!

2. Don’t buy clothes that don’t suit your body type or your personality!

3. Don’t mix tight bottoms with a tight top! If you wish to wear a tight bottom then wear a loose top & vice versa!


For Him

Gentlemen, Remember Life Begins At 40! 

1. Know Your Style & Own Your Style- Gentlemen, this same rule applies to you all! Don’t let anyone determine what looks good or bad on you! You know your body the best, so go with what you feel suits your body as well as represents your personality! Opt for a timeless & mature style!

2. Quality Over Quantity- Invest in quality fabrics such as 100% cotton, wool & linen! Remember what you wear in your 40’s matters! To get that stud look make sure you wear nothing less than 100%!

3. Go Subtle With The Palette- Stick to the navies, greys, browns & blacks to look elegant! Please avoid too much colour as you might end up looking like a clown!

3. Bespoke Tailoring- If you don’t own a bespoke suit already, make sure you invest in one! Gentlemen take this as a timeless piece of investment!

4. Accessorize!- Who said men in their 40’s can’t accessorize? Make sure you invest in your wrist candy- an expensive, classy watch and a nice swag bag- this could be a leather travel bag, or a classy gym bag & keep a variety of belts & some classy cuff-links.

5. Sportswear: Beware- You definitely don’t want to end up looking like a sports teacher! Make sure you stick to the plain Tees & smart casual shorts!

6. The Gentlemen’s Footwear- long gone are the days when you could get away with flashy shoes! Gentlemen please stick to the smart footwear; the Oxfords, the casual Loafers, & the classic-style Trainers & winter Boots!

The 3 Absolute No-No’s- 

1. Avoid the graphic tees!

2. Don’t buy baggy clothes that will make you look like a sack!

3. Don’t pick tight, skinny, washed out denims!




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