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08 Dec, 2022
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Dress To Impress For Your Interview – H&S Fashion Tips For Him & Her

6 Tips On How To Dress Appropriately For An Interview- By H&S

‘The first impression is the last impression’ a phrase commonly used by many. However, this phrase is important when it comes to job interviews & it is, therefore, advisable to be well dressed when appearing for your job interview. Find out with H&S Fashion Tips how to dress to impress for your interview!

6 Tips For Men & Women

1. Wear Clothes that Fit-
 Loose or tight clothes are not appropriate when going for an interview. Loose clothes can look shabby and tight clothes don’t only make you look odd but are also very uncomfortable when worn especially for an interview!

2. To Wear Or To Not Wear Glasses – It’s entirely up to an individual’s liking! You may decide you want to wear contact lenses to work and that is okay provided you don’t get an eyelash or a foreign body in the eye. If you do choose to wear glasses- ladies and gentlemen please make sure they fit and sit well and are not slipping off your nose! It’s just very unprofessional to be wearing glasses that keep slipping and for you to keep pushing it back with a finger!

3. Attention to Your Bags- It is disastrous to be having things popping out of your handbags or briefcases ladies & gentlemen! This little tip can take you a long way, as it shows the interviewer how messy or organised you are apart from letting them see the contents of your bags thus beware!

4. Refrain from Neons or Bright Colours- It’s always safer and clever to wear neutral colours to work! Besides, you don’t want on all eyes to be all over you- why be a distraction!

5. Don’t walk in with Wet Hair- When showing up for an interview, you want to appear calm and composed not rushed and antsy! You need to be prepared properly and walking with wet hair just shows how disorganised you are! So make sure you wake up way in advance and dry your hair if you must wash them!

6. Polished Shoes please- Never wear unpolished shoes to work! This is a big no-no! You want to look good and wearing unpolished shoes can really ruin the impression!




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