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Dress Better This 2018 – H&S Fashion Tips For Him & Her

Dress Better This 2018 – H&S Fashion Tips For Him & Her

4 Ways To Dress Better This 2018 By H&S

We all want to feel & look our best! We have therefore shortlisted the 4 ways to dress better this 2018. Find out how you can accentuate your look with the H&S fashion tips below.

4 Fashion Tips For Women & Men

Dress Better This 2018 – H&S Fashion Tips For Him & Her
1. Buy A Statement Piece-
Get that statement piece that will accentuate your look! For ladies it could be a flashy animal print jacket or a sparkly dress whilst for men it could be the hot leather jacket or a funky bow tie. Whatever you pick as your statement piece just make sure you are comfortable wearing it!

2. Dump The Usual Colours & Opt For A Colourful & Bright Wardrobe- We all love to look classy and stick to the usual nudes, blacks or whites. This 2018 brighten your style by opting for a more colourful and brighter wear! Ladies, you could pick bright dresses & men, you could pick colourful tees!

3. Be The Solo Shopper- When buying clothes it is sometimes advisable to shop alone. The reason being you know best what looks great on you, as you are your best critique!

4. Pick Something New & Out Of  The Ordinary- You may wear something that is trendy all the time, but once in a while pick something new and surprise yourself. For example, ladies if you normally wear tees and denim, slip into a dress for a change. For men, if you normally wear denim, wear pants that you normally wouldn’t wear. Getting out of the comfort zone will not only change your look for the better, but also boost your confidence!



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