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23 Apr, 2021
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swimwear for him

Bring Out Your Swimwear- H&S Fashion For Him

Gentlemen, It’s Time To Bring Out Your Swimwear!

It’s summertime and that means time to hit the pool or the beach! Keep scrolling to discover what made it to H&S top 5 recommended swimwear, as you embrace the summer in your choice of swimwear! 


Top 5 Swimwear For Men – H&S Fashion

1. Botanical Prints-

swimwear for men

Florals are in this 2021, and if you want to give florals a shot, try to get a pair of botanical printed shorts. You can also opt to wear a floral shirt to the beach with a pair of plain shorts. If you aren’t sure how to pick just remember the size of the floral print should be in proportion to your body frame, so if you have a small frame, you should opt for a smaller print & if you have a dark complexion opt for something with a lighter background so that your shorts stand out.


2. Vertical Stripes-

swimwear for him

A pair of bold vertical stripes worn with a basic Tee is the simplest yet chicest look this summer! If you want something trendy this 2021, try to get a pair of shorts with bold vertical stripes. If you want to look classy stick to blue and white stripes!


3. Nautical-Inspired Swimwear-

This year nautical stripes & shapes are the prints to own. If you want to look classy and sexy, make sure you have a pair of nautical-inspired swimwear in your wardrobe.


4. Surf Trunks-

swimwear for him

If you enjoy hitting the beach and surfing waves then these are the boardshorts you need. It’s so comfortable on the body made from a mixture of light polyester and spandex, and if comfort is what you care about then these are definitely the shorts to own. These Phantom trunks are by the brand Hurley and they’re not just in this 2021 but they’re what every good surfer needs!


5. Simple Plain Trunks-

These shorts are cosy, soft-washed shorts that have a comfortable fit. They’re simple yet super stylish and are quick drying and water-resistant and also pocket friendly with pockets on each side. They’re versatile as these can be worn on a regular sunny day be it to the beach or to the store.




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