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2019 Necklaces For Her - H&S Fashion

2019 Necklaces For Her – H&S Fashion

7 Beautiful Necklaces For Women By H&S Magazine

Necklaces are a piece of jewellery that transform your outfit from mundane to extraordinaire! We will help you find a perfect necklace & help you stand out, be whatever your outfit! This 2019 checkout our top 7 beautiful picks from chokers to statement necklaces to layered necklaces! After all no outfit is complete without a stunning necklace, won’t you agree? 

Top 7 Necklace Picks For Women

1. The Layered Metal Pendant Necklace- This necklace is a subtle statement piece that can be worn to work as well as on a date. It is versatile and hence is one of our top picks! If you want to purchase this exact piece, click on the link below!

Feather Shape Decorated Gold Layered Necklace

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2. The Wooden Bead Necklace- This chunky wooden bead necklace is a gorgeous statement piece that will flatter your outfit, making any dull outfit standout! This piece is a mixture of natural elegance & modern style and is a must have necklace this 2019! You can check this wooden bead necklace out by clicking on the link to purchase it!

Square Pattern Pendant Wooden Bead Necklace for Sweater

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3. The Fake Collar Necklace- This beauty is another must have this 2019. It can be worn over a regular Tee or a dress or a V-shaped or Round shaped top to make your outfit dressy!

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4. The Layered Chain Shoulder Necklace- This unique shoulder necklace is perfect to wear with an off shoulder dress or top. It will not only enhance your look but will scream stylish & sexy too!

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5. The Faux Pearl & Flower Long Necklace- Wear this necklace over a plain top or a plain dress to transform your look! It’s feminine & pretty and is perfect if you are going out on a date!

Flower and Faux Pearl Decorated Necklace for Woman

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6. The Open Choker Necklace- Choker necklaces have always been stylish, however an open choker is the way to go this 2019. Wear this over a summer dress or to a party & you are sure to standout!

Faux Pearl Embellished Gold Metal Open Choker Necklace

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7. The Punk Style Multi-Layered Necklace- If you are a rebel and love to be the centre of attention then this is the perfect necklace for you. Wear this necklace with any sexy cleavage dress & you will definitely turn a lot of heads!

Punk Style Multi Layered Metal Necklace

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