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15 Jun, 2024
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What Men & Women Should Never Wear! H&S Fashion Tips For Him & Her

What Men & Women Should Never Wear! H&S Fashion Tips For Him & Her

Your H&S Fashion Guide- What NOT To Wear!!

Nothing is more unattractive than wearing things that should never be worn! If you want to look appealing and stylish then follow the H&S Fashion Guide of ‘What Not To Wear’!

What Men & Women Should Never Wear! H&S Fashion Tips For Him & Her5 Fashion Mishaps For Women

1. Revealing Too Much-
 ‘Less is more’! No woman should reveal too much of her body unless she is on the beach in a bikini! Wearing clothes that reveal too much skin is just not appealing & why would you want attention towards your bosoms instead of your face?

2. Blinged- Over doing it with jewellery makes you look like a jewellery store! Never wear too many layers of jewellery unless you are modelling for a jewellery store! Wearing too much jewellery is not only unnecessary but also very unattractive.

3. Excessive Makeup- Excessive makeup is a complete disaster & even worse when worn during the daytime. Put on subtle makeup that makes you look natural be it during the day or the night! If at all you want to stand out you can use a bright lipstick! Too much makeup is very unattractive so try not to overdo it!

4. Ill-fitting Shoes- Wearing too small shoes where the back of your heel or toes stick out is just a No-No! Similarly wearing heels that are big where the gap between the shoe and the back of the heel can be seen is unappealing! Always make sure you have no swelling when planning to buy shoes as this can mask the actual size!

5. Chipped Nails- Make sure your nails aren’t chipped as this makes you look shabby and unattractive! If you get chipped nails often but want to wear a nail polish then choose lighter colours so that when they chip they aren’t as noticeable. However if you love bright colours just make sure you redo them when they are almost coming off!

5 Fashion Mishaps For Men

1. Oversized Watches- Most men wear a watch to be able to keep track of time! Watches can however be a piece of fashion statement and it is therefore essential to never wear oversized watches! Oversized watches don’t make you look masculine at all and look silly and childish!

2. The Pointed & Squared Shoes- There are so many types of shoes that a man can pick from, the ones to stay away from include the pointed and squared shoes! Gentlemen please don’t invest in either of these types of shoes as they are a complete waste of money!

3. Shirts That Don’t Fit- To look stylish always pick shirts that fit you well. Oversized or undersized shirts just don’t look good on any man and kill the sex appeal!

4. Excessive Perfume- Never put on too much perfume as you don’t want to smell like the whole bottle was emptied on you! This is very unappealing and very nauseous to others as you walk by!

5. Untucked Dress Shirt- Avoid leaving your dress shirt untucked as they are meant to be tucked in! If you don’t want it to look too formal you can roll up your sleeves to your elbow, but leaving it untucked just ruins your whole look making you look unappealing!




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