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12 Jun, 2024
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How To Style This Graduation With Sarah Nderi

13 Graduation Hairstyles & Shoes to Pair with your Cap & Gown – By Sarah Nderi

Graduation season is here. Of course I am excited for the day to come and all the work that comes with it. There is going to be traffic from Egerton to Timbuktu and no phone network coverage which is a bummer but affects all campuses.


Looking good translates to feeling good. Here are some hairstyles and shoes ideas to boost your mood and your esteem.

For the Ladies

For the shoes you might want to have two pairs, a flat pair and a heel because you want to look cute,but you also don’t want to break your legs looking for your parents, or family or back and forth trips to the graduation square. Your choice of hairstyle will also determine how well the cap sits on your head. It might be good to stick to something less voluminous but stylish.


Waterfall Curls


Crochet Twists


Sleek Hair Bun
This high bun makes the perfect choice and place for your cap to sit on.


Pin it on Your Hijab
If the cap keeps flying off, just pin it, forget about it and have a wonderful day. You can also match the cap with your shoes or your dress like Amira did.


For the Shoes;
Nude high heels goes pretty well or maybe it’s because I love that colour and so does Jolene.


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Heels and Sneakers.
These Chunky Heels from Backyardshoez are a god number and the heel is also comfortable but if the heels are not for you, you can choose this pair of sneakers below. Also check out their Instagram Page for more choices. What’s more, you can purchase the heels for the occasion and the sneakers to run around the school and the Graduation grounds.

Heels are a great choice if you don’t want your gown to drag along the floor. Whatever works, this is your day.



Go for this sexy pair of flats and show off the ankles if heels are a no-no for you. They’ll give you a timeless look without making you look too official and this colour is a good mellow yellow.


Low Ankle Boots
These are a great choice especially because it’s raining a bit here in Nairobi, and they are a great substitute for heels.


For The Gentlemen

Kason Boots

This boots are versatile and you can use them after graduation. Kason boots will steal the show and are a good investment for the workforce.


A Suede Leather Pair
We can all agree how got it looks and feel apart from being long lasting. My rule is to have 3 pairs of everything while buying shoes: 3 pairs of sneakers, 3 pairs of open shoes and 3 pairs of office wear shoes. This is definitely a pair I would want to have if I were a man or buy for my man.


Everyone and their dad owns a pair of loafers, leather, suede or loafers with a velvet finish. They are easy to style and comes in different colours and styles. Take for example this Belgian Loafer Electric Blue Snake Skin Double Monk Strap.


White Sneakers
This white pair of sneakers can go with either casual or official. I would wear this pair with a dress too because it looks so good and so sharp.

Alright now Ladies and Gents. I have got you sorted for you December graduation. Take good Photos and make good memories.





SARAH NDERI – Fashion Blogger