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26 Feb, 2024
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H&S Fashion Tips- 3 Common Tips For The Fashionable Man & Woman!


Here are the 3 common unisex fashion tips! Ladies and Gentlemen with these tips you won’t go wrong when picking that pair of jeans you wanted or your favourite Cashmere! A must have in your closet is a white dress/formal shirt that will make you look stylish on any day- be it casual or formal!

fashion tips1. How to pick the right Denim size- When thinking of buying a pair of jeans and you are not sure, it’s always recommended to buy a size smaller, as your denim is sure to stretch with wear and tear!


fashion tips2. Picking your favourite Cashmere sweater, shawl or cardigan but not sure of the quality- here’s an easy tip- to check the quality of your cashmere stretch the fabric gently and let go- does it snap back? if yes, you have picked a good one as a poor quality cashmere won’t snap back!


fashion tips3. White dress/formal shirt- a must have in your wardrobe- Ladies & Gents this one is a good investment to keep looking classy! You can wear this over a pair of jeans, or with a suit! Owing a white dress/formal shirt is imperative if you want to look trendy & stylish!