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20 Jun, 2024
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Add Style & Colour This Winter- H&S Fashion Tips For Him & Her

6 Ways To Brighten Your Winter By H&S

Brighten your winter wear! Who said winter clothing has to be dull & boring? H&S Fashion has some interesting tips on how to brighten your winter wear & look smart & sexy!

6 Fashion Tips For Women This Winter

Lady yellow sweater
1. Brighten those sweaters!
Instead of wearing the normal browns, blacks, greys: try and pick a bright colour for example a neon green or a coral coloured sweater.  The colour not only brightens the look but also makes you stand out!

2. Bring out the Corsets- You heard it!! Wear a sexy corset with a pair of tight hugging jeans or pants. Throw on a nice, warm long overcoat & look stunning!

3. Get Bold- Wear a bold lipstick; deep red, flamingo pink or bright coral with your winter wear and see & feel the difference!

4. Pile on the bling!- Layer or pile on the jewellery over a black long sleeved turtle neck and you have an absolutely fabulous and idiosyncratic look!

5. Leather it up- You can wear a stylish leather jacket over your regular tee and denim. Alternatively you can wear a pair of leather pants with a nice bright sweater! Whether leather pants or leather jacket, you are to look mod & fashionable for sure!

6. Boots All The Way- Why not wear boots in the cold- you can pick from a variety of boots- ankle boots, to knee high boots to over the knee boots. Boots add a lot of depth to the outfit and make you look chic!

Bold Lipstick Woman


6 Fashion Tips For Men This Winter

1. Forget The Monochromes – 
 Pick a red, maroon or a bright coloured sweater instead of the boring dull colours! You can also pick a double coloured sweater for example red and blue striped sweater, to break the monotony!

2. Get Fun & Playful With The Mufflers- Yes! That’s right if you plan to wear a black or a grey sweater then why not brighten the look with a bright & colourful muffler.

3. Corduroys- Wear coloured corduroy pants with a contrast cardigan or sweater instead of normal pants or jeans- For example chrome yellow coloured corduroy pants with a maroon sweater to get you noticed!

4. Leather jackets- You can wear a black or a tan leather jacket over a t-shirt and jeans to jazz up the look!

5. Boots up- Whether you choose suede boots or leather boots it doesn’t matter! Boots & denim are a match made in heaven, no matter what colour denim and top layer you pair it with!

6. Get Coated- You can pick from a variety of stylish winter coats- overcoats, trench coats, pea coats etc. Just wear any winter coat on top of your pants or trousers and you will look classy and stylish!

African man sweater

Keep reading this section as we share with you our favourite fashion tips, trends & styles!- H&S Fashion Tips