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22 Apr, 2021
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bring out your swimwear

Bring Out Your Swimwear- H&S Fashion For Her

Ladies, It’s Time To Bring Out Your Swimwear!

Ladies, it’s summertime and that means time to flaunt your swimwear! Keep scrolling to discover what made it to H&S top 5 recommended swimwear, as you embrace the summer in your choice of swimwear! 


Top 5 Swimwear For Women – H&S Fashion

1. Underwire Bikini-

Sculpted underwire bikinis are in this season, so if you have the body for it, this flattering fit is just what you need this summer!


2. Cute Cutout Swimwears-

bring out your swimwear

A swimwear whether it’s one piece or a bikini looks classy with some keyhole cutouts. No matter your size or shape, a bathing suit with a cutout can make anyone look cute!


3. The Asymmetrical Silhouettes-

Curvy or not, asymmetrical silhouettes not only accentuate the curves but also make you look very sexy! So if you are looking to stand out then this is the perfect bathing suit for you.


4. Ruffles & High-Waisted Bikini-

bring out your swimwear

A ruffled neckline and a high-waisted bikini with some detailing to the waistline adds that feminine touch to the bikini! This is perfect for those who want to look sexy without revealing too much!


5. Ruched Swimwear-

bring out your swimwear

For a sophisticated look try a ruched one-piece bathing suit! It’s feminine to the core and adds that oomph to your summer look, keeping the sophistication intact! If you are looking to flatter your midsection go for a ruched one-piece.




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