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30 May, 2024
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The Perfect Christmas Fashion Guide By H&S Fashion

The Perfect Christmas Fashion Guide By H&S Fashion

What To Wear This Christmas- H&S Tips For Him & Her

Hurrah Christmas is around the corner and we have begun the countdown! As you anxiously await Christmas, you’re number one concern usually is what to wear at the party? How to look stunning or dashing without over doing it! Ladies & Gentlemen fret not, we have 6 of our favourite Holiday Season styles for the ladies & 4 of our top Holiday Season styles for the men, so join us on our countdown to an extremely stylish Christmas!

For Her

Ladies- Your Christmas Dress Guide! 

1. Look Bootylicious- Ladies, you don’t have to look dull and boring this Christmas! Pair a nice bustier with a pretty pair of trousers and voila nothing can stop you from looking sexy this Christmas!

2. The Divalicious Look- If you want to be the talks of the Christmas party then make sure you have a sequin top and some nice black pants, flares or a skirt to give you that diva look!

3. Get Ready To Jump In Your Jumpsuit- If you have a stunning jumpsuit then Christmas is the time to flaunt it! This is also the perfect outfit to wear when planning on dancing the night away!

4. The Hot Hostess- Hosting a Christmas dinner at home then this one’s for you! Wear a pleated skirt, blue or a gold one would look perfect, along with a fancy white button down top or a crop top! Watch out as this Christmas everyone will have their eyes on you for sure 😉

5. The Perfect Winter Look When Abroad- So you’ve picked a magical place to be for Christmas and it’s snowing! Wear a warm sweater dress with a blazer or a faux fur coat on top! Don’t forget to wear a woolen beret to complete your look!

6. Look Sexy In A Suit- If you’ve been invited to your office Christmas party then you need to wear a nice fitted suit that makes you look sexy and stunning!


For Him

Gentlemen, Here’s What You Can Wear This Christmas!

1. Dress Dapper For The Night Out- A pair of fitted jeans with a nice checkered shirt or a plain white T-shirt and a black leather jacket for the perfect look, is all that is required if you want to look dapper for the night!

2. The Office Party Look- If you’re attending the office party then all you require is a good pair of smart trousers, a nice collared shirt and a blazer to complete your look!

3. Corporate Christmas Look- So it’s a corporate event with endless champagnes and you need to look your best, just remember to pull out your neat suit preferably double-breasted and in dark colours e.g. dark grey. You can wear any coloured roll neck that complements the suit. This outfit not only suits the Christmas + Corporate mood but will make you look stylish and elegant.

4. The Holiday Festive Season Look- So you’re spending Christmas abroad & it’s winter make sure you are carrying your favourite Christmas Jumper! After all you want to look fun and stylish this Christmas now don’t you?




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