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03 Mar, 2024
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Top 3 Winter Hats For Him & Her By H&S Fashion

Top 3 Winter Hats For Him & Her By H&S Fashion


Here are our top 3 favourite picks of winter hats for him & her! Wear them & they are not only going to make you stand out this winter, but are also going to keep you snug! So if you are planning to travel to places with crazy winter then you have come to the right section! Keep reading to find out which hats have made it on our list!

Hats For The Winter – For Men & Women

1. The Beanie-

 The Beanie or knit cap also known as a tuque in Canada & some parts of US is the most common fashionable winter hat for both men & women! They come in so many varieties and designs from the plain beanie to the warm, soft stretchy beanie to the beanie with the faux fur pom pom! Grab on to your beanies & get ready to turn heads this winter!


2. The Beret-

Another gorgeous winter hat for men & women is the beret! This French soft hat is shaped like a bowl made of woven or hand knitted wool or felt and can be worn tilted on the head. Try the beret this winter and stand out amidst the crowd!


3. The Trapper Hats-

For the more severe winter the trapper hats are perfect as it covers your head and ears keeping you snug! If you are travelling to places with severe winters then this is perfect to keep you safe and warm!


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