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4 Winter Dressing Styles – H&S Fashion Tips For Him & Her

5 Winter Dressing Styles – H&S Fashion Tips For Him & Her

5 Looks For The 2019 Winter- By H&S

Finally we bid farewell to the summer as we embrace winter! We have picked 4 different winter looks that look sassy, chic, cute & sexy for men & women! Keep reading this section to find out what’s trending this winter 2019!

5 Winter Looks For Men

1. The Cool Dude Look-

winter looksWear a crew neck sweater or a warm long sleeve top. You can pull the sleeves up slightly for that dandy look! Wear this with denim & a smart matching cap for the complete look!

2. The Smart Casual Beanie Man-

winter looks If you love wearing beanies then try this look! Wear a crew neck or round neck shirt and wear a warm front open coat with pockets over checkered trousers with sneakers & a contrast beanie! You can even try this look without the beanie if beanie isn’t your style!

3. The Classy Turtle Neck-

winter looksTurtle neck sweaters look very classy! There are many colours to pick from but for the more elegant look opt for black, neutral, beige, brown or navy colours. You can even go for turtle necks with simple sober designs! Wear with with either trousers or jeans for a classy look!

4. The Black Leather Jacket-

winter looksEvery man must have a black leather jacket in his wardrobe! This staple is versatile and can practically be worn with anything! You can attain whatever look you desire depending on how you wear it!

5. The Gentleman Look-

winter looks For a classy date or work wear any dress shirt and wear a V neck sweater on top! Make sure your collar of the dress shirt is tucked neatly under the v neck and not on top for a formal look!

4 Winter Looks For Women

1. The Gangster Woman-

winter looksFor this look wear a beanie with a round neck jumper over a pair of jeans!

2. The Cute-Playful Look-

winter looks For this look all you need is a funky sweater with a playful design, it could be a cartoon or an animal or stars etc. Wear this with denim or even tights for that perfect cute, playful look!

3. The Black Leather Jacket-

winter looks Just like men, women too should own a black leather jacket in her wardrobe! This can be worn for a date night or even for a casual look! It just depends on how you wear the jacket whether with jeans or a skirt etc.

4. The Smart & Sexy Look-

winter looks Whites, off-whites & fur are perfect for this look! Wear a white sweater with an attached fur collar or hood or even a detached fur collar! After all fur & white are both elegant and when paired scream nothing but sexy! You can wear a knitted white beanie if you don’t want a fur hood!

5. The Flirty Look-

winter looks For a classy date you can wear a v-neck crop top or sweater with your favourite pair of jeans for the complete flirty look!



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