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28 Sep, 2021
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Indoor Easter activities

Indoor Easter Activities – H&S Education & Parenting

6 Fun Indoor Easter Activities To Try With Your Little Ones This Easter!

This year, for the second time in a row, we are celebrating Easter at home. Irrespective of the current situation, it’s time to make this Easter a little fun and interesting, especially for the little ones. It may be a little different as your kids won’t be able to interact with the neighbour’s kids for example, but remember they have ‘you’ i.e. their parents to celebrate with. So, why not make it fun & use this time to bond with your children rather than complain about the situation and get them stressed too. The words ‘lockdown’ is somewhat a harsh term used that has left most feeling unpleasant, but remember you are at your home not in some prison, & if you are an optimist parent you will see this as a blessing. After all, you get to spend Easter at home with the people you love the most, including your favourite little humans! However, we all know that handling kids 24/7 can be a task especially if you have curious little monkeys who can’t sit still & yay for the e-learning but since it’s their break technically, you still need to keep them occupied. There are many activities you can do with your children within the safety of your home. Below is a list of fun activities that we have picked for you to try at home with your children!


1. Easter Egg Hunt-

indoor easter activities

With Easter around the corner, you would definitely want to be planning an Easter Egg hunt at home. Sit with your kids and plan a date. Traditionally this is done on Easter, but hey you don’t have to go by the rules. You can make little chocolate eggs at home and then wrap them in foil then have them hidden around the house. For older kids, an Easter Egg Hunt with clues can be more fun. Remember everyone loves chocolate!


2. Do Some Easter Baking-

Staying at home & celebrating Easter indoors, is not a life sentence for you or your child! Make sure you get them involved in some fun activities like baking some cupcakes or cookies. If you want to try out one of the cake recipes we have you can visit our Bon Appetit section and pick one of the cakes or desserts. Remember whilst baking or cooking keep your eyes on your kids and give them age-appropriate things to do!


3. Decorate Some Easter Eggs

indoor Easter activities

There are so many ways to decorate that Easter Egg. You can paint them with your kids, or even have everyone write a short message for each family member on each egg. This can be a very fun activity not just for the kids but also for the adults especially if you love painting.


4. Make Some Fun Costumes-

easter activitiesWho said Easter’s got to be boring? This activity is lots of fun, fun, fun! Get creative by making some cute Easter outfits with your children. If you have pets you can even include them in the fun.


5. Make & Play Your Own Easter Games-

indoor easter activitiesKids love to play & why not create some games such as an Easter Bingo or a board game or an easter puzzle. You can always Google up ideas & then add your own little twist to the games.


6. Get Creative, Get Artsy-

Well, guess what there’s something fun & useful to try with the kids! You can make some fun animals from toilet paper tubes. You can make chicks & bunnies and use this to decorate your home for Easter. Another idea to try out with the kids is finger painting. A fun Easter activity that kids will love for sure!

So Which Indoor Easter Activities Are You Going To Try Out With Your Kids This Easter?


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