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22 Jun, 2021
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Connecting With Your Child – H&S Education & Parenting

Connecting With Your Child- How To Connect With Your Child & Its Importance!

How many of us feel that we are disconnected in one way or another with our child? How many of us feel that the screen time has taken over your life and is to blame for this disconnection? Despite the current COVID-19 situation where we should feel a deep sense of connection with our children, we have noticed this connection with devices, spending more time on social media rather than spending the same amount of time with each other and more so the kids, especially during these hard times that still continue. We have all noticed kids being attached more to their peers, sharing a lot more with them than with parents and then we wonder why? These are the same children who end up being socially disconnected with behavioural issues such as answering back and not listening.

As parents, it is important to understand that children need to stay connected with parents and the connection is by using senses for physical proximity such as hugs, a reminder that they exist and are loved, through emotional intimacy using feelings to express this and a sense of belonging for security. When you let your child know that you are there for them, only then can they realize and exist as their true self. Attachment or connection is an important part of every child’s development. Letting a child know that he/she is loved and appreciated for their existence is crucial for a child to thrive just a rose plant needs sunlight, water and minerals to blossom.

So How Can This Connection Be Made?

1. Give Your Time & Listen – Even just a few minutes of your time daily can make a huge difference. Your child needs to be heard. Sit with your child and hear them out as this helps to reconnect with your child. Once you have heard them out you can impart positive messages and encourage them. Remember it’s not only about hearing them out but giving them your ‘undivided attention’ & also let them know how valuable they are to using hugs, words and emotions.

2. Practice Mindfulness & Gratitude – This is will help your brain be more aware as well as stay connected ‘in the moment’. Being grateful for the small moments and blessings in life can help you go a long way. Remember you need to be and most importantly feel calm to be able to be connected, and this practice of mindfulness can help you achieve just that. This practice will also help you realize when you need to get rid of your phone for example and be present completely for your child. You don’t need to practice this alone, it’s a good habit to instil in your child too.

3. Have Family Rituals – Whether it’s having dinner on a table together or going to bed at the same time, have rituals that the family would enjoy as one. You can have no phones or devices on Sunday as it could be family day whatever the ritual, the idea is to remain connected.

connecting with your childAre you connecting with your child? Let us know your thoughts as a parent!

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