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19 Jun, 2021
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positive disciplining

Positive Disciplining- H&S Education & Parenting

What Is The Best Way To Discipline A Child? -Positive Disciplining

If you aren’t a fan of punishing your child then positive disciplining is probably something you’d like to try, as it’s the most effective way to getting your child to behave! The core of positive disciplining is that there is nothing like a bad child it’s just bad behaviour! Once you grasp this as a parent you will then understand how positive disciplining works. Remember, as a parent, it is your obligation to practice, teach & reinforce good behaviour rather than punish a child when he/she misbehaves & this requires patience, love and time. If your child has misbehaved in public, rather than emphasizing the wrong behaviour and using means of yelling or punishing which in turn only reinforces the negative image of the child not just in the child’s mind but also in your mind as a parent, focus on showing them what is acceptable.

Strategies That Help:

1. Show & Tell Using Positive Language- Positive body language as well as using calm words and actions help eliminate bad behaviour.
2. Set Rules & Limits- Having clear & consistent age-appropriate rules is the key!
3. Hear Them Out & Give Them Your Attention- It’s important to let your child finish before you try to solve the issue! Because most times you will easily get to know the issue just by listening & paying attention, rather than giving a consequence. Giving attention is also an important tool when reinforcing good behaviour!
4. Focus On & Point Out Their Good Behaviour- It’s easy to pick out the bad behaviour but it is difficult to pick out the good and praise your child for the good behaviour. This is an effective strategy that helps reinforce good behaviour!
5. Know When To Ignore & Redirect Bad Behaviour- It’s good to also ignore the bad behaviour provided no one is being physically harmed, whereas sometimes you need to redirect the bad behaviour and change your child’s focus to something constructive.
6.Time-Out- If need be opt for an age-appropriate ‘time-out’. This is effective in helping set and stick to rules!

Remember, it may seem difficult at first and you as a parent need to be patient and accept that it will take time to work & it’s okay to get it wrong! If you haven’t been able to handle the situation well the first time there’s always a next time! Don’t give up!

positive disciplining
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