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16 Apr, 2021
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Things To Teach Your Child – H&S Education & Parenting

6 Things Every Parent Must Teach Their Child!

Every parent wonders if they are doing enough to make a good impact on their child’s life. Children are a reflection of their parents and it is, therefore, incumbent upon parents to set a good example by instilling good values and providing valuable lessons that can help them throughout their lives. Sending a child to school and depending on the educators to provide education isn’t enough as, as a parent, you have a duty to teach perhaps the most important lessons which they may or may not learn at school. These are the building blocks to a better future.

6 Valuable Lessons That Every Parent MUST Teach Their Children:

1. Teach Them To Have Self-respect- In order for a child to value himself/herself, he must be taught the importance of self-respect and self-worth. Teach them that the best investment ever is investing in themselves.
2. Teach Them To Respect Others- After self-respect comes, respect for others. Empathy is an important part of a healthy life. You don’t want to raise bullies or children who are self-obsessed and only worry about their feelings and not others. To be kind and respect others are important qualities parents must instil in their children to raise better humans.
3. Teach Them To Be Self-sufficient- Independence be it emotional or intellectual, is vital for every child to survive in this world. Whilst emotional independence protects the child from things like giving in to peer pressure, intellectual independence gives the child the freedom to think for themselves irrespective of what the views of parents, peers and others may be. Apart from this you also need to teach your child the day-to-day living by teaching them to fend for themselves physically, financially etc.
4. Teach Them To Be Self-disciplined- For it is only with self-discipline that one can attain success. For every personal goal, self-discipline is a must. This is a lesson that will help your child get far in life.
5. Teach Them To Be Optimistic- A positive attitude goes a long way in life. It is important to teach a child to be positive and optimistic even when things don’t go as expected. One way of doing this is through daily gratitude.
6. Teach Them To Manage Their Own Finances- As parents, it is important to teach them when they are young to respect money and not to waste it. Many parents forget to teach their child about the concept of savings. However, it is important to train them when they are young and talk to them about things like why you shouldn’t buy things that are not needed or those you can’t afford.
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