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07 May, 2021
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teach your child to be kind

Teach Your Child To Be Kind! – H&S Education & Parenting

Teach Your Child To Be Kind Starting This Christmas!

Being kind is imperative and it’s every parent’s responsibility to make sure that they instil this important quality in their child. We all know that the world has become a meaner place to live in today, & kindness is something that lacks in a lot of children, making them bullies, sadists and just miserable little humans. If we teach our children to be kind then it may help make the world a better place. Kindness is not very difficult to instil in young children. Parents need to teach their child from a very young age to be respectful, compassionate, generous, considerate & loving.

Here are 8 tips to practice this Christmas:

1. Practice before you preach! Remember children look upon you, their parents, as role models. You need to be kind so that your child can practice the same. Start with being kind at home. Talk to your spouse lovingly with respect and teach your child to talk to you in the same way.

2. Sharing is caring! Teach them to share their toys. When with other children, make sure you teach your child to share his/her toys with other children. What better time to start than Christmas? Christmas is the time when all family and friends get together to celebrate. Your kid’s friends and cousins too will be there, so teach them to share their toys.

2. Focus on the 3 magic words: Please, Thank you & Sorry- these words are important & every parent should teach their child to use these words to make them polite as well as kind. You want your child to be at his/her best behaviour in front of everyone. Remember which parent doesn’t want to hear “what a well-behaved and polite child you have raised”.

3. Teach them the joy of helping others in need- Perhaps this Christmas it would be a good practice to take them to an orphanage or even ask them to help feed the poor. Acts of kindness will help make your child appreciate what he/she has and at the same time make him/her a more compassionate human being.

4. Make them donate something- This Christmas it would be nice to make your child give one of their favourite toys for example to an underprivileged child. You can make this a practice every year so your child learns to be caring and learns to give.

6. If your child is mean to another child, point it out and make them realise that they are wrong. Make them realise how the other person feels when they are mean & that it is unkind to treat someone that way.

7. Teach them to respect all living things- Whether it’s animals or humans, all living things deserve to be respected. Teach your child the importance of being kind not just to humans but also animals. Maybe you can adopt a cat or a dog this Christmas?

8. Teach them to be forgiving- If someone has been mean to them teach them to be forgiving. Remember the spirit of Christmas, it’s all about joy, love, light, hope and peace.


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