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are you producing a lot of milk

Are You Producing A Lot Of Milk? – H&S Education & Parenting

Breastfeeding: Producing A Lot Of Milk & Oversupply

Having a good milk supply is healthy, however, producing more milk than what your baby needs (an oversupply) can be an issue for both baby and mama. Some mothers can naturally produce a lot of milk, without any medical reasons. The milk supply also increases with each baby. It can also happen if, for instance, the latching is in incorrect, or a mother feeds using each breast for a certain amount of time or if baby’s feeds are scheduled, which could all interfere with the regulation process. Oversupply can make breastfeeding unpleasant and also increase the risk of mastitis (inflammation of the mammary gland due to engorged milk). It’s thus important that mothers breastfeed on demand, following the baby’s needs.

Symptoms Of Oversupply In Baby:

  1. There’s a lot of weight gain, around 400g per week, moving upwards on the graph through centile line.
  2. Colicky behaviour.
  3. Poo is green, frothy & explosive in nature, there’s also gaseousness, pain and passing of excessive wind (lactose overload) all of which happens in the absence of fat-rich milk, when the lower-fat milk moves through the baby’s gut faster than it can be digested.
  4. There’s choking, spluttering, biting at breast.
  5. There’s frequent spitting up.
  6. Breast refusal is evident.
  7. Lots of wet &/0r dirty diapers.

Symptoms Of Oversupply In Mama:

  1. Breasts don’t feel comfortable
  2. There’s a lot of milk that leaks
  3.  The Nipples are painful from baby biting/pulling on and off

What Can Be Done?

  • Adjust your position and ensure proper deep latching to help manage a fast letdown, allowing your baby to come off when he/she needs to take breaks and catch a breath.
  • Feed on demand, not by schedule.
  • Massage your breasts on each side for about 30 seconds, before nursing, you can also massage during feeds to help prevent engorgement or blocked ducts.
  • If your baby is getting enough milk and gaining sufficient weight, you can pump some of the milk and discard it.

If you still continue to have an oversupply, consult your doctor!


are you producing a lot of milk
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