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01 Jul, 2022
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father-son relationship

Father-Son Relationship – H&S Education & Parenting

Father-Son Relationship & Its Importance

There’s nothing like the father-son relationship; it is unique and beautiful. From the time a son is born to the time he grows up, his father plays an imperative role in his development & in shaping his life. A father is his son’s best friend, teacher, superhero & role model. He imparts valuable lessons as well as protects; providing a sense of security, & guides his son in the right direction. Studies have shown that a son who grows up in presence of a father’s care, love & guidance, tend to grow up into empathetic adults, who do better in life compared to those boys who grow up without a father-figure.

6 Ways To Build & Grow Your Father-Son Relationship:

1. Be Present – No matter how busy you are with all the different roles you play in life, engaging with your son and being present in his education, in his social life and other aspects of his life, is important. It’s important that your son knows you are there for him, no matter what, and you will always be there for him when he needs you.

2. Be A Good Listener – Communication is key. If you have a communication gap in your father-son relationship, then the relationship will weaken with time. If your son wants to share with you something, be it for some fatherly advice, or just to keep you in his life. Listen carefully and give your opinion after. Try not to be judgemental and allow him to make his own choices and be supportive. You can guide him, but you can’t and shouldn’t force him with your opinions and decisions.

3. Be A Friend, Not A Foe – A son looks up to his father, he wants you to be his friend, someone he can confide in, someone he can go on adventures with. Yes, you have a fatherly role to play, but try not to abuse the power and refrain from using anger as this may cause a drift. Instead, use love to guide him. Your son will love and respect you more!

4. Be A Positive Mentor  – Use your experiences to teach your son & impart the same wisdom to him. By sharing your personal experiences, your son will feel happy as you trust him to share the experiences. Always keep an open mind, encourage, share your ideas & together set mutual goals such as learning the Periodic table or mastering a sport. Another good way you can mentor your son is by teaching them financial responsibility from a young age.

5. Have ‘The Talk’ With Your Teen  – Once your child is a teen, you should sit him down and have the talk about sex, relationships, drugs, alcohol etc. The teens can be quite confusing, and even though your son may not ask you, he will have so many questions on his mind. Taking some time out and having that conversation is important and healthy. It not only will strengthen your bond, but prevent your son from making unhealthy decisions.

6. Celebrate His Achievements – Whether it’s winning a 1st prize in a race or graduating from college, your son’s every achievement should be celebrated. He wants his hero to recognize him for his efforts and wants to make his daddy proud, as it’s every son’s dream. Make sure you take time to appreciate his efforts and wins, as this give him confidence and encourages him to do good things.

father-son relationship
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