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03 Oct, 2023
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Family Time Importance - An Article By Alvira Diwan

Family Time Importance – An Article By Alvira Diwan

The Importance Of Having A Family Time – Written By Alvira Diwan

Family is an essential unit of every individual’s life. A healthy relationship among family members ensures healthy individuals too. Family time is an essential factor that helps to create strong bonds, love, connections, and relationships among the family members.

Your ‘family life’ plays an important role in influencing your child’s thoughts about relationships, coping with various life situations and learning about living life the right way.

The quality time that you spend with your children makes them happy and secure which also ensures that they don’t turn into grumpy teenagers who avoid being with their family.

Having a routine as a family from the very beginning is also important because as children grow older as teenagers, it becomes tougher to spend family time with them.

As parents, you need to involve them in the activities that you have planned and try to understand their interests so that they willingly participate in them. Allow them the freedom of creativity and decision making. Let them plan things and play voluntarily.

The sign of a healthy family is taking out time for listening and talking affectionately, understanding each other’s perspective and agreeing on differences, sharing responsibilities and always being available when one needs you.

Family time is important as it enables you to teach your children the Important lessons in life.
In a light and easy manner you can give them the lessons that they can treasure as a piece of wisdom for possible situations in future.

It is also a great way of showing your children the right way of being in a relationship and maintaining it with love and care.

Inculcating ‘family rituals’ and ‘traditions’ in the family time, ensures that the children get a knowledge of their traditions and their family roots. Carrying out the rituals with children also gives the parents a sense of satisfaction and inner security. It is a great way of socializing with relatives and friends too, which helps in strengthening relationships.

Ways Of Having A Good Family Time –

1. Share At Least One Meal A Day – Eating together gives parents time to listen,  communicate and give advice in a friendly Manner.

2. Play Games – Divide teams and make partners.

3. Plan A Family Outing – A road trip or a picnic can relax you and also give you abundant time to bond.

4. Go For Movies – Don’t restrict your teenagers to go out for a particular film, go with them instead. You’ll be there to make the concepts clear.

5. Visit Grandparents – Let them be emotionally attached to them.

6. Cooking – Cook your Favourite meals together, let them help in any small way possible.

These are some of the ways that you can spend a good family time.

You might surely have something that is unique to your family, let us know about it!


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Alvira Diwan

Alvira Diwan
Masters in Clinical Psychology
PsychWorks Clinic


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