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26 Feb, 2021
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Bonding With Grandparents! – An Article By Alvira Diwan

The Importance Of Letting Your Children Bond With Their Grandparents – Written By Alvira Diwan

In today’s world old things and old people are considered least important. People no longer have the time and patience to appreciate the importance of anything which was once very valuable. Changing times have changed the perception of everyone from relating to things personally and emotionally to being practical and more mechanical in nature.

In the time where children no longer honor or respect their parents it is difficult for grandchildren to realize how fortunate they are to have their grandparents alive, living with them.

Grandparents play an important role in the family. They are experienced in child rearing and are much more patient with your children comparatively. They deal with the children in a kind and gentle manner. Moreover they are not professionals so they have ample of time to spend with their grandchildren. It is something that they love doing too. They are in a way going through experiences which they couldn’t have with their own kids due to work life and responsibilities.

There are parents who feel that grandparents spoil children by accepting everything they say and fulfilling their demands in an instance. They need to realize that children need someone to assure them of love and affection.

If, as parents you feel that your parents are fulfilling unnecessary demands of your children than you should talk to them about it and try to balance your child rearing styles for better upbringing of your child instead of not allowing them to bond.

Elderly people have so much knowledge and experience, it would thus be beneficial for the new generation to learn from their experiences. Grandparents can give their grandchildren wisdom that will be essential for them to live a meaningful life.

When you live together as a joint family your children learn the family values easily and in the most appropriate manner by observation. They’ll follow your footsteps so make sure you respect your parents so your children learn to respect you.

While there are many things grandparents and grandchildren can do together, the generation gap can create a problem if they stay away from each other. This is where the parents role comes in – helping them bond.

There are several ways in which grandparents can bond in with their grandchildren –

1. Go out for walks – A brisk walk in the beautiful nature is a great way to refresh. Going with your grand kids would make it even more enjoyable.

2. Read them stories – Read to them stories that you are fond of, tell them about who read it to you. Stories with good morals will not only instill good values in them but also build their perception for the better.

3. Listen to some good music together – Listening to soothing music always works as a great therapy. When you sit with your grandchild and listen to your favorite song on your old music instrument they’ll be curious to know about it. Be narrative, it will make the experience more interesting for them. Also they will develop a taste for good music.

4. Teach them to cook – Teach them the traditional recipes of your family. Cooking and eating together is not only great for bonding but by learning the recipes your grandchildren will have sweet memories of the time with you too.

5. Play games – Indoor or outdoor, games are a great way of spending time with grandchildren. It increases their attention span and is a great way of teaching social ethics too when playing in teams. Teach them the games that you used to play in your childhood. Learning something new would make them happier.

Grandparents are a blessing, and not many children are fortunate to have them in their lives. If your children have them, let them treasure and cherish them!



Alvira Diwan
Masters in Clinical Psychology
PsychWorks Clinic


If you have any concerns or questions as parents, leave your comments below & Alvira Diwan will get back to you!

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