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01 Jul, 2022
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Career Counselling & Guidance- H&S Education & Parenting

The Importance Of Career Counselling & Guidance

When your child finishes schooling, it is important to help students make a sound decision on the next steps they want to take in their life with respect to their higher education and career choices. This is why career counselling and guidance is important for every student between the ages 13-17 years to enable them to make proper decisions so they can have a bright future. Guidance is given based on the student’s personality, interests & calibre helping them explore career options and/or higher education possibilities so they can make realistic decisions.

A series of assessment tools are used by a career & guidance counsellor, such as personality tests, IQ assessment, aptitude to help evaluate the student’s strengths, weaknesses which will then help choose a suitable career path. For example, for one to be a physicist he must be bright at maths, as advanced maths is a part of physics.

Career counsellors could either have their own private practice or even in a college or university. Some schools have career guidance and counselling as a part of their educational system. They use practical experience where a student may be temporarily placed at the workplace for them to get a ‘realistic’ feel. There may also be career counselling & guidance events organised where different representatives from different universities, for example, may be available to give students talk or answer questions based on the higher education choice that the particular student might be leaning towards. Apart from this some schools also have one on one career counselling available for the students.

Remember the high school is the time when many changes, both emotional and physical, take place. It is when the child transitions from a teen into an adult, and with it not only comes the pressures of trying to fit in amongst peers but with it also comes ‘adult challenges’ with respect to work, college and career. It is at this time particularly when your child may find themselves lost especially when it comes to career choices. Whilst the choice should be based on interests, strengths, skillsets, potential, many will base their choices on peer pressure, false ideations, lack of information such as thinking that the best careers might include doctor, engineer, architect & lawyer, parental pressure, etc. It is at this time of their life when someone (career & guidance counsellor) to guide them in the right direction is needed.

It is also equally important that parents take an active role in their child’s life especially at this stage of their life to help them make the best decisions by supporting, encouraging them and helping them realise their strengths to help them find the best career suitable to them. Remember, you are the greatest influence when it comes to your child’s career selection. You need to be unbiased and unjudgemental for them to realise their full potential and choose the career of their dreams.

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