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29 Sep, 2023
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Why Values Are Valuable! – By Bilkis Bhandwalkar

Values Are Valuable: Practice What You Preach!- Written by Bilkis Bhandwalkar

You cannot expect your child to do things which he/she has not seen you doing ever!!! A child will automatically share things or lend a helping hand in need if he/she has seen the parents doing the same. How you conduct yourself in your everyday life bears a direct impact on your child’s behaviour.
Since they learn by observation and imitation you have to be a paragon of virtues and nothing less than that…as a role-model, you cannot contradict your words and actions as this will create conflict in his/her impressionable mind. The child will at first try to judge you and later will have scant or no respect for the parents.
Ethics and morals are an integral part of good upbringing which needs tireless and constant efforts from the parents to inculcate the same in the child.
So…Practice what you Preach..or else what you sow so shall you reap!

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