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08 Dec, 2023
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Your Child’s Height Matters! – H&S Education & Parenting

What Factors Can Affect Your Child’s Height?

Did you know from the time of birth, there are changes in growth plates that make new bone, increasing the length of long bones in the arms and legs of a baby? In the first year alone, the growth is by 50 per cent, which declines thereafter. However, genes have the biggest influence on a child’s height. That’s right! About 80% of your child’s height is determined by the DNA, according to scientists. This means that tall parents tend to have tall children. However, genetics alone isn’t responsible. There are several other factors that can influence your child’s height. To learn more, keep reading!

6 Important Factors That Can Affect Your Child’s Height:

1. Your Child’s Genetic Makeup- As mentioned, DNA is the main determining factor of your child’s height. It affects the growth plates & the production of hormones.

2. Your Child’s Hormones- There are a number of hormones that play a role in determining a child’s height. Growth hormone is the most important one responsible for growth. If your child has a medical condition that can restrict the amount of growth hormones the body makes, then this can impact their height. Thyroid hormones too influence growth, as does sex hormones such as testosterone and oestrogen.

3. Your Child’s Diet- Once your child is born, it needs the right amount of nutrition. Before you are able to introduce solids, breast milk or formula milk based on your doctor’s recommendation is important. Once your child is on solids, nutritious foods take precedence.

4. Your Child’s Physical Health- If your child is born with a defect such as chromosomal abnormalities, hormone deficiencies or endocrine defects, congenital defects, such as heart defects, etc, your child can end up with a stunted growth.

5. Your Child’s Mental Health- In order for your child to thrive and grow, he/she must be in a loving and nurturing environment. Children too can undergo stress and emotional neglect can be extremely damaging not just mentally but also physically.

6. Your Child’s Sleeping Habits- 70-80% of growth hormone is released during sleep, if your child doesn’t get enough sleep or has a disturbed sleep this can have an impact on his height.



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