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29 May, 2023
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5 Fun Easter Activities – H&S Education & Parenting

5 Fun Easter Activities To Try With Your Children This Easter!

It’s almost Easter & what better way to spend the Easter break than with your precious little ones. So, let’s make this Easter a little fun and interesting, especially for your children. There are many activities you can do with your children. Below is a list of 5 fun activities that we have picked for you to try with your children this Easter!

1. Do Some Easter Baking-

Easter activities
How about some Easter baking? Make sure you get kids involved in some fun activities like baking some cupcakes or cookies. You can bake some cookies in the shape of eggs and prepare different coloured icing bags for your child to decorate their egg cookie. Just remember, whilst baking or cooking, keep your eyes on your kids and give them age-appropriate things to do!


2. Eggciting Easter Craft

Easter activitiesFrom painting & decorating Easter eggs, to making Easter bunnies from toilet paper rolls, there are so many more craft projects you can do with your kids. This can be a very fun activity not just for the kids but also for the adults.


3. Easter Hunt

Easter can’t be complete without an Easter Egg hunt. You can hide mini Easter chocolate eggs and other candies or toys for the younger ones, and for the older kids, an Easter Egg Hunt with clues can be more fun, and for the gift, you can stuff some oval-shaped containers that look like eggs with money, chocolates, headphones and other gifts that your child will appreciate.


4. Guess The Number Of Easter Eggs In The Jar-

Easter activitiesThis is a simple, super fun game for one and all. Just fill a jar with different colour mini chocolate eggs and let each person in the family guess the number of eggs in the jar. The family member with the closest guess wins the whole jar!


5. Easter Bingo-

A game of bingo is popular in almost every household, so how about Easter Bingo? You can get the printable cards online or even make them. You can use Easter treats such as mini Easter chocolate eggs to mark the squares and have so many prizes for the whole family to enjoy!



So, Which Easter Activities Are You Going To Try Out With Your Kids This Easter?


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