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09 Feb, 2023
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New Year's Resolutions - H&S Love Affair

New Year’s Resolutions – H&S Love Affair

6 Amazing New Year’s Resolutions For Your & Your Partner!

New Year's Resolutions
Another year’s over, and if you haven’t as yet, now’s the perfect time to make some resolutions together as a couple. Yes, that’s right! Whilst you may typically be focusing, year after year, on yourself, be it your career or your health, you definitely don’t want to ignore your relationship. If you are not sure, on where to begin, keep reading to get some inspiration and who knows may be even your best resolution(s) as a couple!

1. Promise To Fight/Argue Fairly- Now we are not talking about a physical fight, as no relationship should ever survive on violence! However, as a couple it’s common to have disagreements, and before you know it, those disagreements can sometimes lead up to a brawl. Adjust the way you argue, listen, and focus on changing and be willing to compromise together. It’s not about winning, it’s about finding a common ground and rising above the issue, by tackling the problem together!

2. Take Time Off Your Gadgets- Yes, we are living in an ever-evolving digital world, but you can’t allow your phones, laptops to take precedence over your relationship. Schedule some quality time for R&R where you get to focus on you and your partner together! It doesn’t have to involve taking a trip to off-grid location, it just involves getting a little disciplined, for example, turning off your phones by 8pm, having no phone zones such as the bedroom, dining table, TV room, or detoxing by taking some time off social media. The key is to be present with your partner by spending quality time together as a couple.

3. Focus On Getting Fit Together- It’s important to stay healthy and fit, and who doesn’t want to look good for their partner? How about hitting the gym together or taking a yoga class or a dancing class once a week? How about cooking healthy and forming a healthy sleep routine?

4. Let Bygones Be Bygones- Harping over your partner’s past, be it their habit or their ex or something they did or said, isn’t helpful. All it will do is add fuel to your relationship and may be even cause a drift. It’s wise to move on, and let the past be in the past. Focus on your present, and if it’s not easy to move on, then see a couple’s therapist together.

5. Take A Break Together & Reboot The Romance- The key to a happy relationship is ‘happy partner’. That’s right, if you feel desired, noticed, heard, cared for, loved, then there’s no reason to be unhappy. Being intimate doesn’t necessarily mean being sexual, it means spending time being touchy, feely and could be as trivial as cuddling, to as sexy as you and your partner desire. Don’t let life get in the middle of your relationship. Make time for one another, whether it’s travelling together internationally or locally, or just having a date night at home. Taking a break once a while, can help you and your partner reconnect as well as reboot the romance.

6. Practice Kindness & Gratitude- It’s ironic, how we tend to take our partner for granted and use the least kind words with. Form a habit where you speak nothing but kind words to one another, and remind each other how grateful you are for one another. Maybe you can start by using the words ‘thank you’, ‘I love you’, ‘please’ regularly in your conversations. It’s also nice to know what your partner wants to hear, for example when they’re down, or feeling discouraged. Always put yourself in your partner’s shoes, and think how you would love to be appreciated and want to be treated, with kindness & compassion.

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