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29 Sep, 2022
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intellectual compatibility

Intellectual Compatibility – H&S Love Affair

4 Signs You & Your Partner Might Lack Intellectually Compatibility

intellectual compatibility
Intellectual compatibility is when a couple is able to indulge in deep, meaningful, and interesting conversations. Note intellectual compatibility doesn’t mean having the same IQ level. It just simply means you and your partner can have good conversations that are interesting to both of you. If you lack intellectual compatibility in your relationship then the chances of your relationship surviving are slim. Below are 5 signs you might not be intellectually compatible with your partner.

1. One Gets Bored Easily- If you get bored when your partner talks to you & conversations don’t go past small talk then that’s an obvious sign you are not intellectually compatible with your partner.

2. One Partner Feels Superior- If one partner feels intellectually superior to the other then there’s a problem as they may always interrupt or take over a conversation, feel the need to rectify, feel that they’re always right making the other partner feel inferior and hurting them.

3. The Relationship Is Purely Physical- If a partner is focusing on the physical aspects instead of focusing on connecting on a more emotional level by having deep conversations, then that’s a red flag to look out for.

4. Differences Aren’t Viewed As Strengths- It’s how couples view their differences, that makes all the difference. If the differences are viewed as weaknesses as supposed to strengths then there’s a problem and it means lack of intellectual compatibility which can ultimately lead to resentment.

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