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02 Oct, 2023
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Life After A Break-up- H&S Love Affair

Life After A Break-up: How To Live Without The One You Love


Whether you have been in a relationship for 6 months or 6 years, break-ups are tough, and life without the one you love can seem daunting. But no matter how challenging being single again may seem, it’s definitely doable! If you are wondering how, keep reading!

Tips On How To Learn To Live Without The One You Love:

It’s time you move past your break-up, take time to reconnect with yourself & notice the positive changes in your overall health emotionally and mentally.

1. Get Up & Show Up- Don’t stop living, break-up isn’t a life sentence, & there’s no reason to put your life on hold. Continue to hang out with friends, go to the movies, continue doing all the stuff you enjoyed doing before. Life doesn’t stop for anything or anyone, and it certainly doesn’t need to stop for you!

2. Indulge In A Healthy Lifestyle- Eating junk, sulking and binge-eating, isn’t healthy. Now is a time to get a healthy hobby, for example, join a gym or take on a sport, or go for walks etc. You want to make sure you feel good and look good, no matter what. A healthy mind and healthy body is what you need to focus on!

3. Get Creative- Sometimes all it takes is to unleash your creativity, whether it’s painting, learning a new instrument, or taking up a dance class solo or with your friends. Allow your creativity to help you channel those emotions positively, as you get to meet and mingle with new people or build on the connection with your old friends.

4. Be Surrounded By Your Support System- Being around friends and family who love you and care for your wellbeing are the people who you can rely on and be around, to help you overcome your challenges. Their positive reassurance can make a lot of difference. So don’t isolate yourself, make sure you have your support system by your side!

5. Time To Change Your Space- If you were living with your ex, an empty space can bring up a lot of emotions, especially as you shared your space with the one you loved. Sprucing it up a little, to make it look and feel different, can help you cope and move on. If your space was rented, you can consider moving out and finding a new place.

6. Consider Professional Help- If you can’t seem to cope or move on, it’s time you seek help. There’s nothing wrong with seeking counselling!


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