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08 Dec, 2023
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Your Chakras & Your Life Part 1 – Positive Reflection Of The Week

Chakras & Midlife

Our lives and bodies are governed by cycles and phases.

Changes to our subtle body – our chakras and energetic systems – mirror many of the changes in our physical body. In spiritual traditions, it is believed that working with these changes is a big part of the transition into midlife, and these changes usually occur when our Chakras are fully developed.

You may have noticed or heard that it is during our Midlife, that we are sometimes guided to revisit (or prompt) any themes from earlier in our lives that we have left unexamined, or any wounds we have left unhealed. If we rise to this challenge and do the inner work, we start to develop a new relationship with not just our life, but also with our subtle (energy) body, our intuition, and our spiritual selves.

From an energetics perspective, this ‘prompting’ often occurs at a time known as a spiritual awakening of energy in our chakras. In chakra meditation traditions, ideally the kundalini is brought up gradually from the root to the crown chakra, enabling a smooth spiritual awakening process. During midlife, instead, there are often sporadic bursts of kundalini.

Many people in their midlife tend to experience these energy bursts as actual sensations of warmth or tingling in a part of their body associated with a chakra. If you meditate on your chakras or work with them in some other way, you may feel active energy in the chakras themselves. If not, you may not notice these bursts of energy at all, but instead may see the results of them in the patterns or themes of your life during this time, because these bursts bring forth that which you are asked to heal or learn.

Whether we experience them physically or not, these energy bursts represent a tremendous growth opportunity. Each chakra is related to life themes, and we are usually called to focus on the one or two that are the most central to our growth.

We will take a look at these associations between our Chakras and our Life phases next week.

chakrasAlia Datoo, Transformational Holistic Energy Coach