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07 Oct, 2022
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Shadow Series 4

Shadow Series Part 4 – Positive Reflection Of The Week

Embracing Your Shadow Part 4

I hope you have so far enjoyed my Shadow Series.

The question that I would now like to present to you, dear reader, is this:

Are you going to run from yourself or show up for yourself?

Until you know all the parts of you – the good, bad and ugly, you will always try to conform to someone else’s way of living, being, thinking and feeling, so that we are accepted by others as they want us to be.

A Tiger never tries to become a Zebra and vice versa. They both accept their stripes and wear them with pride.

BY owning yourself, both your light and your shadow, you allow yourself to fully embrace who you are. Live authentically and come from a place of love, joy and compassion.

By showing up for yourself, you become the best version of yourself that you can be, unaffected by the judgment and opinion of others.

Accept that you are living in a real world with duality and that you are going to be presented with situations and experiences that are going to bring out both the darkness & light within.

I personally believe that for the world to be a better place, people must start to get better. This means feeling safe, whole, fulfilled, nurtured, connected, empowered, & authentic from the inside.

Every time you notice your shadow is coming out instead of sending it out into the dark again, allow it to come out and play in the sunshine of your love. When you do that, you’ll show up for yourself & everyone else around you.

Wish you all the Light in the world!

shadowAlia Datoo, Transformational Holistic Energy Coach

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