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28 Jan, 2023
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How To Manifest Your 2023

How To Manifest Your 2023 Part 1 – Positive Reflection Of The Week

Manifesting Your 2023: “Manifestation Is An Intentional Process”

Manifestation is an Intentional Process. It’s not enough just to “make a wish” you need to also “DO” the Wish.

Here is my personal Manifestation Story:

Since I arrived from Australia, I have, for the longest time, wanted to go back to entrepreneurship. After my two-month hiatus down south, I just couldn’t find the “right conditions” to set up shop again. And so I went into Employment.

Over the span of 10 years, I went through five different job profiles. With every position that I took, I knew, immediately, that I was not at home. I’ve had the entrepreneurship bug since I was a child and while my High School batch mates were all getting into universities and then married, I was the CEO of my first company, that I ran successfully for a decade.

I didn’t want to go back into IT, which was my sector. Things had really changed since I got back from Australia, and margins were literally depleted.

It was around this time, that I experienced a shift in my life and started on my Spiritual Path. I knew from then that this was my calling and that one day I must prepare to do this full time.

I always thought that I would cross this bridge when I got there. But for now, I needed a steady income to pay my bills and survive. I went from one Job to the next, giving my best, but still feeling out of place.

Mentor after Mentor kept telling me to give into my calling. To trust the Universe. But I live in the 3D (Third Dimension) where the Law of tangible income surpasses the Law of Attraction.

But my dream of returning to Entrepreneurship and taking my new-found purpose along always stayed in front of my eyes. But the fear of stepping into that role kept me from turning that Wish into a reality.

I began my work as a Spiritual Entrepreneur incognito – Seeing Clients after work and over the weekend. I was careful not to let my colleagues or distant family come to learn about the work I was doing (in case they would frown on me), but word got out. I could no longer hide my reality.

Still, I was not ready. Because of living a life of duality, I had no energy, no focus, no clarity or alignment. The need to survive was much more than the need to step into my power.

In November 2021, I believe the Universe gave me its final push with a health scare. I had to quit my job. This was the perfect premise to jumping into my dream – but still, I wasn’t ready. I pursued another job (that was meant to be less strenuous), and another (that was meant to be even less strenuous), but the universe would not hear about it. My desire to step into my power had intensified by March 2022, but I lacked one important ingredient to have my Goals and Intentions manifested – I was not DOING my wish.

Catch me Next Week for Part 2.

How To Manifest Your 2023Alia Datoo, Transformational Holistic Energy Coach

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