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29 Sep, 2023
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Social Media & Relationships

Social Media & Relationships – By Alvira Diwan

Effects Of Social Media On Relationships- Written By Alvira Diwan

In a world full of gadgets it is almost impossible to live a life with privacy. Anything and everything you do, goes to one of your social media accounts. There are many negative impacts of this on your life and more importantly on your relationships.

Your phone is the first thing on your mind and even the last. There is no reason as to why it would not negatively impact your relationships.

When we are constantly tied to our gadgets spending most of our free time on social media or online games we hardly get time to spend with our loved ones. They feel ignored and the lack of communication eventually creates a rift between you.

There are people who post about everything nice and lovely about their relationship even if it is far from perfect. Then there are people who are always on these social media apps who compare their relationship with them and become insecure and jealous.

Effects of social media and how to fix it –

  • Take extreme care in the starting of a relation. Remember that a strong foundation is the success of a strong bond.
  • Think and post. Think twice about posting something. Don’t post anything personal which would make you regret later.
  • When posting personal pictures take your partner’s consent. They might feel it is private and it would lead to arguments.
  • Always prioritize the people around you. What is on social media will remain on it, don’t neglect the ones around you just because you want to check your notifications.
  • Personalize things. In the age of remembering birthdays through Facebook reminder make it a point to send a personalized wish to your loved ones on their special day. Make a call, write them a letter, send them a greeting card with flowers or gifts.
  • Don’t find excuses to use your gadgets. You might be tired after office, but don’t use your leisure time to play online games or to scroll your apps. Do something refreshing instead.

We surely cannot go back to the life without social media and gadgets but we can definitely make some lifestyle changes to prioritize our relationships. Because relationships are permanent and everything else is just a temporary phase.

social media & relationships

Alvira Diwan
Masters in Clinical Psychology
PsychWorks Clinic

Do you broadcast your relationship on social media? Are you hooked on to social media? What are your thoughts on this article? Leave your comments below & our psyhcologist Alvira Diwan will get back to you!

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